Friday, 20 January 2012

More adventures with Schaeffer Mclean, sponsored skater...

Schaeffer's latest video is here people, in which he shows a great sense of fun & a wicked talent.

"Out and about having fun and adventures... Filmed mainly in Spain, finding new skate parks and meeting wonderful and sometimes crazy people, but that just makes it better!

Narrowly avoided the Policia whilst filming this one skating through the streets where they were cracking down on skateboarding in the city and giving out hefty fines.. (someone told us afterwards!) Schaeffer wanted to skate the pool, but there was no rounded bottom so he wanted to get in it anyway. Thanks to everyone who let us use their music - check out the credits. Oh and check him going over his sisters head at the beginning of the last section".

Nice one Schaeffer! :0)


Monday, 16 January 2012

Ian Emery, RC Helicopter enthusiast

We're delighted to have made a new friend.  Local gent Ian Emery popped in last week, after seeing us in Model Helicopter World magazine & just happened to mention he was an RC Heli nut.  He sent us these amazing pictures today.

Ian says "I am 31 years old and an Air Traffic Controller by profession so have a natural interest in aviation.  I have been flying RC helicopters for 5 years although 2011 was the first year I entered into national competitions run by the Association for Helicopter Aerosports (AHA). 

For the 2011 Season I entered into the entry level league (Clubman's League), in which I finished 1st overall after competing in several events across the country. 

For the 2012 season I will be competing with my Trex 700 F3C electric helicopter and am busy preparing the helicopter and for the step up to the intermediate class (Sportsman's League) which is due to start in April".

We're delighted to be sponsoring Ian & would all like to wish him the very best of luck for the coming competitive season & look forward to updating you with his results as the year progresses. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Silly Saturday!

Meet Uggie the skateboarding dog...

...too cute not to share with you!

Also this week, LA County Museum of Art have the great honour of unveiling the work of artist Chris Burden...

Art installation "Metropolis II" includes 1200 toy cars racing around an enormous indoor city at over 200 miles an hour - this noisy but astounding kinetic sculpture took 4 years to build.  Cool!

Friday, 13 January 2012

Marie Bougourd, sponsored skater photo diary

 Thanks to sponsored skater Marie Bougourd (aka Spoky Woky) for sending us these amazing photos, taken by her friend & fellow gravity sports enthusiast Guillaume Ducreux...

Marie, who is in the top three of this year's IGSA rankings, says:

"It was only a little slide session at my home spot (Lyon) there two days ago!
We were only two riders and a good photographer :) ".

I think we would agree with Marie, Guillaume is a VERY good photographer! :0)
Thanks so much for sharing these great images with us.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Doug Brown, sponsored skater update...

We've had the pleasure of sponsoring Doug Brown, the pro US skater, for some months now & are excited to have received an update from this truly hectically busy man!

Doug says "I have an exhibit that is touring libraries nationally to promote my book. Its called "Beyond the Board - the Doug Brown Exhibit" I've enclosed some pics..."

We added a poster to Doug's collection recently, which he's been handing out on his tour - it features himself & our other fab stateside skater Tony Leard (who designed the poster for us).  If you should be visiting Doug on his event tour - see dates here - you can probably pick up a signed copy.

Doug has sent us some new pics "from my recent travels"  

skate park grand opening

Skate Straight programme

Doug recently featured in a magazine article - the piece in September's Variance magazine is a lovely affirmation of a geniunely nice man who's doing his best to put a bit back into the community - you can see it here or visit the website:

Doug has also been kind enough to add his support to the "See My Helmet?" rider safety campaign that we talked about in yesterday's post - he wears his helmet with pride :0)

Thanks for all the news Doug!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

"See My Helmet?" Ride safe campaign...

 We just wanted to help promote a very worthy cause - Longboard Girls Crew France have come up with a great idea to inspire all future riders to wear their helmets.  Riders are being asked to post pictures of themselves wearing their helmets & looking great, to the Crew's Facebook Page, to encourage all riders to keep safe & protect their noggins!

The girls say "It is also an opportunity to establish a small rogue's gallery of longskateuz French! So send us your photo portrait, too, with a small bio-fast on the photos and your little slogan for the helmet :o)
You can send multiple photos!" 

They'd like to encourage every crew to adopt this initiative and help to  keep as many riders as safe as possible.

What a brilliant & simple idea - well done ladies!  If you're part of a skate crew, why not do the same?  We'll certainly be trying to encourage all members of SMB's skate crew to support this safety scheme :0)

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Shannon Francis, sponsored skater...

A lovely celebration vid by Shannon, our awesome stunt-scooter rider, on account of her being so popular on Facebook that she now has 1000 "likes"... go girl!