Thursday, 29 January 2009

Roller-blading & inline/skating bearings hints & tips.

Check out this advice from London Skaters for novices, or "gumbies" as you are affectionately known!

The advice included covers:

  • not bending your knees enough

  • pros & cons of cheap vs good skates for beginners

  • practising more on your good side than your weak one

  • not practising at all

  • choosing the right practice location

When you've got all that down, we can help you replace the worn down bearings in your blades/skates from all the practice that you've put in!

We have used our extensive experience and knowledge of miniature bearings to produce three types of roller blade & skate bearings to satisfy the most demanding specifications. Our two most important design criteria were high performance and value for your money. Once you've got your replacements, we can also advise you on how best to keep them clean & re-grease them.

See for more information.

For anyone who hasn't got their hands on Street Gears yet,

you've got to see this little gameplay clip from YouTube:

So cool!

Monday, 26 January 2009

Tillman the wonder dog!

You know how news programmes often try to make you smile with a cute animal story?
Well, we here at SMB Bearings Ltd are no different! Thanks to, we can bring you Tillman the skateboarding bulldog...

The 3-year-old dog has become a worldwide star after his owner Ron Davis posted a video of Tillman skateboarding on the internet, which has been viewed by more than 4,000,000 people. “He absolutely loves it and just whizzes around.” said Ron.
All we can say is, we want a Tillman too!

Friday, 23 January 2009

RC Model Bearings

We can offer high precision, smooth-running, noise & vibration tested replacement bearings for all type of RC models.

We can also offer a bespoke re-lubrication service, to get the absolute maximum RPM from your RC model bearings.

We are currently researching ceramic hybrid bearings (ceramic balls held in a steel bearing) for RC models; we'd be interested to know what you think of hybrid bearings' performance in your model - are they living up to the hype? Do let us know, we'd love to hear your comments.

RC enthusiasts, check out this video on YouTube:
We've not seen one that big before, ooh-er missus!!

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Bearings in Jewellery

We have just been talking to a jewellery designer, Hans Meevis, based in St Maartens & were thrilled to see images of what he uses bearings for in his jewellery. Visit his blog for more fascinating designs: .

Friday, 16 January 2009

Skate news at SMB Bearings

Need to replace your skate bearings? See our article at,
we take the mystery out of the techie stuff!
See who we sponsor & maybe add yourself to our list?

This is Schaeffer, our 5 year old sponsored skater:
How cool is he?!

We've really been wowed by - see one of their custom design decks above...

Also this week, check out a great website:

It lists the Web's most popular Skate news, videos, and blogs.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Relubrication of Bearings

A very Happy New Year to you all!
Today's post is all about:

Cleaning and re-lubrication of
open, shielded and sealed ball and roller bearings.

We offer a full re-lubrication service for either our own miniature bearings or customer supplied bearings. We have many years of experience in degreasing and re-lubricating stainless steel, chrome steel, and hybrid bearings with customer specified lubricants. Every day, our customers require specialised lubricants designed to handle everything from food safe applications to low torque conditions. We regularly supply our bearings or your own bearings with:
dampening greases, dry lubricants, food safe greases, high temperature lubricants, low temperature lubricant, slow torque lubricants, molybdenum disulphide coating, perfluorinated lubricants, radiation-resistant lubricants, vacuum lubricants, waterproof greases.

Manufacturers are rarely interested in small volumes of bearings with non-standard lubricants so we have equipped ourselves with the facilities to help you. We have a range of degreasing methods to clean all bearing surfaces before using proprietary lubrication equipment to apply your choice of oil, grease, a dry lubricant or return the bearing with no lubricant applied at all. Whether you need a specialist to relubricate high-spec instrumentation bearings or find a cost-effective way to lubricate deep groove ball bearings, we have the equipment you need. We are able to check the quantity of grease in each bearing so we can provide very accurate grease amounts whether you require a low, normal or high grease fill.

As a trusted supplier of miniature and stainless steel ball bearings in the UK, our experience with different types of customer-supplied bearings is comprehensive. We have the technical expertise to handle cylindrical and needle roller bearings to plain spherical bearings, along with corrosion resistant, thin section, electric motor bearings and miniature ball bearings from the UK and abroad. We have the equipment to relubricate not only open and rubber sealed bearings but also those bearings with non-removable shields.

We can advise you on best choice of bearing lubricant for problem applications. If you are involved in testing or R&D, our in-house ultrasonic bearing degreasing and bearing re-lubrication facility enables us to supply bearing samples at short notice. If you are experiencing lubrication related problems or you want to know more about our bearing relube capabilities, please ask.

We keep a wide stock of oils and greases We have no minimum quantity so if you require one bearing or several hundred bearings with a lubricant of your choice, talk to us.