Thursday, 29 January 2009

Roller-blading & inline/skating bearings hints & tips.

Check out this advice from London Skaters for novices, or "gumbies" as you are affectionately known!

The advice included covers:

  • not bending your knees enough

  • pros & cons of cheap vs good skates for beginners

  • practising more on your good side than your weak one

  • not practising at all

  • choosing the right practice location

When you've got all that down, we can help you replace the worn down bearings in your blades/skates from all the practice that you've put in!

We have used our extensive experience and knowledge of miniature bearings to produce three types of roller blade & skate bearings to satisfy the most demanding specifications. Our two most important design criteria were high performance and value for your money. Once you've got your replacements, we can also advise you on how best to keep them clean & re-grease them.

See for more information.

For anyone who hasn't got their hands on Street Gears yet,

you've got to see this little gameplay clip from YouTube:

So cool!

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