Tuesday, 24 March 2015

F3C European RC Helicopter Series, new website launched today...

Congratulations to our friend & RC helicopter pilot Ian Emery, who has today launched this year's website for the F3C European RC Helicopter Series - it looks great Ian, well done!  

Ian says:
"There are still some areas that need updating but I hope to get that done over the next few weeks. It has some great new features including and F3C Event Calendar, a Twitter feed to provide updates on the build-up to a competition weekend and live updates throughout the weekend. There isn't really anywhere that people who want to get started in F3C can go to for information. We are hoping that the pilot profile and getting started pages can help to resolve this. Quick tips off experienced pilots can be added to help those just starting off.
I am also hoping that the website and the Euro Heli Series competitions could form the basis of the F3C World Cup events which everyone is wishing for".

Ian tackling some pre-flight maintenance...
Well Ian, we wish you every success with that - you've been so successful in creating the Euro Heli Series that surely a World Heli Series can't be far behind?!

Friday, 20 March 2015

SMB Bearings LTD Website - new pages launched...

Our technical department have been extremely busy lately, fine-tuning aspects of our website so that we can offer the maximum amount of product & technical information to our customers & the newly developed pages have gone live this morning.

Whole new ranges have been added to our portfolio & we can now source ceramic & 316 stainless steel bearings for specialist applications. 

We hope that you can now find all the information that you could possibly ever need on our bearing ranges & support services, but do please feel free to contact us if you need pricing information or advice on bearing selection/ answers to technical questions - we'll look forward to helping you with any enquiries that you may have.

In a short while the site's bearing interchange & search facility will also go live, giving access to (& explanations of) thousands of different manufacturer's part references - we'll let you know just as soon as it's been completed.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Work starts on SMB's new home...

We are so, so excited!  After much hard work, deliberation & cogitation over building plans by our M.D. & the moving about of one extremely awkward staircase (we thought at one point that we'd have to use a rope ladder or fireman's pole to access the new office suite), the finalised architectural plans for our new premises are ready.

We will soon be handing over to the team at Tapper Interiors, who will now be responsible for the full interior build on our new premises.

Before Tapper Interiors get started, the flooring work will be commencing on our new home at Ventura Park, on 7th April - YEAY!!!!!!  The first step will be to have the floors cleaned & shot blasted to a super smooth finish by the folks at Polydeck Resins

concrete flooring during the shot-blasting process...
& then the floors will be given a super-tough & durable epoxy coating.  
We apparently had a fabulous choice - indeed a veritable rainbow - of colours to choose from. 

An example of flooring by Polydeck Resin
And given such a wondrous colour palette to choose from, we have selected this...

Ah well! :-)
We'll look forward to bringing you more news as work progresses.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Schaeffer Mclean, skateboard slaughter in Spain... :-)

This is a great little clip from super skater Schaeffer Mclean 

showing how perseverance pays off in the end, but also what a truly hard time of it skateboards have - it's no wonder that wheel bearings suffer from shock load... :-)

Schaeffer says:
"Trying to land something I have never done before, to clear the ledge at Fuengirola Skatepark. Then I chipped my new board badly.......arghhh!"

Nice one Schaeffer - sorry about the board, but good to see you nail it in the end!

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

F1 in Schools 2015, SMB Bearings proud to support Torque Racing...

Well, we can't quite believe it but another F1 in Schools race season is upon us!  

We've had a proud association with this event for a number of years now & we relish the opportunity for a number of reasons - not least because it's a wonderful way of valuing future generations & engaging young people with STEM in an exciting & truly innovative way.

Teams of youngsters get together to design & raise funds to build & race their miniature F1 cars against other teams of students in regional, national & international competitions. To progress in the events they also have to have a business model & a winning presentation of all the work they've put in - as competitions go, it is truly epic in scale!

After a number of approaches from various schools, we have decided to offer our support to the lovely folks at Torque Racing F1 this year & we really look forward to bringing you their news & updates as the race season progresses.

Torque Racing F1 team, victors at the regional finals last month...

These dynamic young competitors have already bagged an impressive victory at the regional finals in Birmingham last month & are now striving to repeat their success on a national level.  The team, from Sprowston Community High School, will be in action at the National finals on the 12th-13th March & we wish them every success in their mission & hope that SMB Bearings will play a small part in their success.

We'll be supplying them with precision miniature bearings, as well as technical & social media support to help them on their way to victory.  Click this Post by Torque Racing F1 to see them live in action - but blink & you miss it - so see an image of their regional finals car below :-)

Torque Racing F1