Tuesday, 24 March 2015

F3C European RC Helicopter Series, new website launched today...

Congratulations to our friend & RC helicopter pilot Ian Emery, who has today launched this year's website for the F3C European RC Helicopter Series - it looks great Ian, well done!  

Ian says:
"There are still some areas that need updating but I hope to get that done over the next few weeks. It has some great new features including and F3C Event Calendar, a Twitter feed to provide updates on the build-up to a competition weekend and live updates throughout the weekend. There isn't really anywhere that people who want to get started in F3C can go to for information. We are hoping that the pilot profile and getting started pages can help to resolve this. Quick tips off experienced pilots can be added to help those just starting off.
I am also hoping that the website and the Euro Heli Series competitions could form the basis of the F3C World Cup events which everyone is wishing for".

Ian tackling some pre-flight maintenance...
Well Ian, we wish you every success with that - you've been so successful in creating the Euro Heli Series that surely a World Heli Series can't be far behind?!
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