Tuesday, 26 February 2013

BRCA Micro Nationals...

Our friend Harry Redstone is downscaling! 
He is going from this...

to this!
With a car not much bigger than a can of fizzy pop,
he is competing in the BRCA Micro Nationals
 with his Losi 8 mini car on the 4th March. 

Check out some action from a recent round of micro national competition here,
to see what Harry has let himself in for - these cars can sure shift!

Good luck Harry, we'll have everything crossed for you (including our eyes at those speeds)!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

RC Powerboat racing success...

We were delighted to hear from a returning customer recently - James Bond.  Apart from the exceptionally great pleasure it gave me to say "Good morning, Mr Bond..." (sorry, as an avid Bond fan I couldn't resist it) it was also a delight to hear that our bearings had helped Jim to national success in his latest round of RC powerboat racing...

He has been very kind & sent us an update:

"...been a bit busy testing testing new designs and making the new shaft-drive system that I required the bearings for, which has worked great and people who have seen it asked if I going to make more ,we will see!

HAVE now put some of my design`s and hulls I make on EBay under the name ASYLUM HULLS

As you may have worked out our boats are named after different names for madness, quite apt as the smallest ones run at 30mph and the largest was clocked at 53mph at the nationals!  They all run on different size courses, but all average 10-15sec`s a lap and as the video show it gets quite exciting...

Below is great to watch video:

CHEERS for now - chat soon! JIM "

Thanks very much Jim!  We'd like to wish you every success for the future
& hope you'll update us on events again soon.

If you're interested in finding out more about RC powerboat racing, check out the Model Powerboat Racing website &, as always, the fount of all knowledge that is Wikipedia!  If you need any bearings for your rc model, please don't hesitate to contact us & we'll guide you through our products.