Friday, 31 July 2015

Schaeffer Mclean - I Skated with Chris Haslam!!!

The gorgeous Schaeffer Mclean gets to skate with his heroes (& showcase some serious skills of his own) - watch out for the pocket rocket in the orange Matrix tee... :-)

Schaeffer says:
"The Globe Team's European Tour stopped by Oxford Skatepark and they put on an amazing show, but even better, they were just the friendliest guys you could meet. Rodney Mullen was so kind and nice, and David Gonzalez was spectacular. They were all so cool, but the best bit was skating with the legend Chris Haslam. It was such a fantastic day, and the local Oxford skaters so nice. I really hope that guy at the end lands thats 8 Stair soon... he so nearly had it, so close".

Friday, 17 July 2015

Monday, 6 July 2015

SMB's new premises - building update...

Well, despite soaring temperatures last week (we had a high of 36°C on Wednesday & averaged 25°C for the rest of the week - we're British, so that's way-hot for us!) the building work has continued in leaps & bounds & we are now the proud owners of some walls! Check it out:

The upstairs office & meeting room are taking shape

Downstairs & this will be the ante-room to the technician's clean-room lair :-)

This is the entrance to the kitchen & other welfare facilities (posh speak for the loo)...

The office is taking shape, with windows installed & partition walls nearing completion

In the next few days, the climate control systems will be installed &, once all the wiring is completed the final walls & the floating ceilings can be put in place.   It's then that all the really exciting (expensive) stuff starts being installed -the clean room is going to be a thing of great beauty, do we really have to let the technician in - he might make a mess?!