Friday, 31 January 2014

Aaron Skippings, downhill skater update...

What do downhill skaters get up to out of the competitive season?

Aaron at Almatreib '13 - photo by Physco

Well our mate Aaron Skippings has been honing his skills at SourceBMX & looking super-cool & legendary & stuff :-)

Pictures by Ben Carson

When not looking like a skate super-hero, squinting mysteriously into the middle distance, Aaron is in downhill skate competition pre-season planning phase:

"It doesnt stop raining here at the moment but thet gives me time to work out my event plans ! :D
Hopefully planning to go to a race in Belgium in May and also to California in September
(for 2 world cup races)!

If it works out I'll be so happy - we will see. Also lots of skating here in the UK!"

Well Aaron, we're sending your some more bearings & lubricant
to get your season off to a flying start - good luck with all your adventures in 2014!

We'll look forward to sharing more news of Aaron's antics as the year progresses.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Skater updates...

You know you're cool when you get invited to test out a skate park before it's opened to the public...
Skateboarder Schaeffer McLean having a look around the new and awesome
Rush Skatepark before it officially opened.
Now fully open, go check it out!!

And a fantastic video reprise of 2013, from our stateside skate friend Doug Brown...

Doug currently has a Facebook competition - check it out:
"CONTEST!!! I'm giving away a FREE signed complete skateboard. This is for someone that really needs it, are you worthy? If so, why? Share your story. Winner to be chosen this Wednesday. Contest is in conjunction with Danny Badertscher with Wooster Skateland. The winner will be contacted via Facebook directly and must be able to pick up board in person at Acres of Fun"

Thanks guys!

Friday, 3 January 2014

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Welcome to 2014!

All of us at SMB would like to wish you a very happy & prosperous 2014,
we hope that the year brings you everything that you could wish for.

Yes, we're back in the office & raring to go!
Admittedly, we were all a tiny bit grumpy when the alarm clock went off this morning & signalled a return to work... :-)

We look forward to helping with all your bearing needs this year. Also, we hope to keep you up to date with lots of exciting news & events, both from ourselves & also from our friends & customers (whose genius never ceases to amaze us).

Happy New Year to you all!