Friday, 27 September 2013

Schaeffer Mclean Skateboarding in Russia...

Video of Schaeffer McLean's latest skateboarding adventure,
having fun in Moscow this summer.
Schaeffer says "Russia is AMAZING, and so are the Russian Skaters!!!" - so are you kid, so are you! Thanks for sharing your brilliant adventures.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Harry Redstone's trophy cabinet expands...

Race like the wind...

Care & maintain your car to the highest competitive standard...

And your trophy cabinet could look like Harry's...

Well done Harry - what an amazing 2013 race season you've had!

A Blast From Our Past...

Whilst rummaging through some old bits and bobs, we found this newsletter from 2002 - we also found some highly entertaining photos, but we can't show those - we're still blackmailing the subjects...

All our technical information is now on our website & we now have a blog rather than a newsletter, but our passion for bearings & happy customers is just as strong today as it was in 2002!

Monday, 23 September 2013

Skate video updates...

Our friend Aaron Skippings shared the Vandem Freeride 2013 video with us...

Vandem Freeride 2013 (Official Video) from New Fruit Film Production on Vimeo.

And this one is from the lovely Schaeffer Mclean:

"The Annual skateboarding competition at The Lloyds Big Three legendary skate spot in Bristol takes place in September, A Game of Skate, Ledge Tricks and finally the Big Three Jump, its huge!! Watch all the contestents throw themselves to land tricks for the prize money. Schaeffer attempts this jump for the first time ever.... But then the English weather beats everyone....."

Thanks guys, what a brilliant way to kick off the week! :-)

Friday, 13 September 2013

Re-lubricating bearings with non removable shields...

SMB Bearings have been re-lubricating bearings for over twenty years but, more recently, we began to work on the problem of how to re-lubricate bearings with non-removable shields.

The grease needs to be correctly located in the raceways, properly distributed around the bearing and there must be just the right amount depending on customer requirements.

After much thought and many months of testing, SMB bearings developed a bespoke re-lubrication system that allows us to provide correctly lubricated bearings, with a grease weight of the customer's choice and, very importantly, without removing the shields.

Shield removal can damage the shields, making it impossible to re-fit them. This is even more difficult with smaller bearings unless they have circlip retained shields. This technology is used weekly to re-lubricate both our own bearings and customer-supplied bearings

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Introducing Nelly, the real brains behind SMB Bearings

& one of our longest serving staff members - Nelly has been keeping us entertained for 12 years, popping into the office for biscuits, sandwiches & a chat...

...pictured here with her personal back scratcher Will Johnson. Will is also our resident web-designer & we'll be launching his new site shortly. In the meantime, if you call us at the office you may well hear Nelly chatting away in the background!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Welcome to Sickboards, now an SMB Bearings stockist...

SMB Bearings are delighted to say that Sickboards in the Netherlands
are now stocking our skate bearings.

If you aren't able to visit their amazing store in person, then check it out online - it's awesome!

Monday, 9 September 2013

Harry Redstone, BRCA National Series Competition Report

Harry Redstone competed in the final round of the radio controlled car competition, the BRCA Nationals in Slough on 7th-8th September. Harry says:

"Well the national series is over, I had a good time progressing with each round which is always a good sign to show that all the hard work is actually doing something. I really enjoyed the round at Slough, I just need a bit more consistency and I'll be up there.

I will definitely be doing the nationals again next year, I really enjoyed it. Shame its over - bring on the BRCA micro nationals! A big big thankyou to all my supporters/sponsers - a big help as always! Big thanks to Smb Bearings, IB Prostart, Anthony Lorton, Kevin Brunsden and Modelcars Reading and thanks to Colin Kirkham for actually getting me into the nationals (shame your not doing them next year)"

It seems that Harry experienced highs & lows, but it's all been a great learning curve & we're sure he'll storm it in next year's competitions!

Well done Harry, you may not have won the series this year but we are so, SO proud of you! We know how much hard work you've put into getting as far as you have - even with the support of your amazing family & friends, it's still a really tough challenge.

Aaron Skippings' Euro Downhill Skate Tour Summer 2013

Thanks to our friend Aaron Skippings for sharing his latest escapades with us!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Schaeffer Mclean & Boneless Skateboards...

Our friend Schaeffer Mclean challenged himself to land a kickflip over the big 4 stair at Emersons Green Skatepark in Bristol. This is what happened:

And just back from a recent skating holiday to Russia, Schaeffer got 2 nice skate decks from local Moscow board company

 Now back in the UK, Schaeffer was eager to try out his new deck, so on the last day of the summer holidays, he put on his new deck and went to ride a local skatepark:

Monday, 2 September 2013

Update from Doug Brown, pro skater...

We're delighted to have received an update from our friend Doug Brown, US pro skater, author & speaker...

Aug.28th, 2013
Today I was invited to speak to a very special group of athletes. Coach Felton of the nationally ranked soccer team, the Lady Mustangs has used my books and philosophies for his team this year as a theme. "Capture the moment" is my motto they have been using. I was so moved that they knew my story and that I've been inspiring them for weeks without even knowing this till a few days ago.

They were very receptive to my speech, I felt the reciprocation of energy and my purpose for being there. There were two simple chairs placed in a room for me and the coach, we were surrounded by the team, this was an intimate unplugged version of my program. It all felt very "Inside the actors studio with James Lipton." The intimacy and the topics tackled became a marriage of my life on and off the skateboard and their life on and off the field. Optimism, hope, believing in yourself and surviving adversity where at the forefront. In a couple months I will be joining the team on the bench as a guest for a pivotal game ahead. I'm beyond thankful and flattered by the events today. Many thanks to Coach Felton and the Lady Mustangs."

Doug is certainly very busy! Find out more about him at his websites: