Friday, 13 September 2013

Re-lubricating bearings with non removable shields...

SMB Bearings have been re-lubricating bearings for over twenty years but, more recently, we began to work on the problem of how to re-lubricate bearings with non-removable shields.

The grease needs to be correctly located in the raceways, properly distributed around the bearing and there must be just the right amount depending on customer requirements.

After much thought and many months of testing, SMB bearings developed a bespoke re-lubrication system that allows us to provide correctly lubricated bearings, with a grease weight of the customer's choice and, very importantly, without removing the shields.

Shield removal can damage the shields, making it impossible to re-fit them. This is even more difficult with smaller bearings unless they have circlip retained shields. This technology is used weekly to re-lubricate both our own bearings and customer-supplied bearings

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