Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Ipad Apps for cool cats...

During this festive season, we feel at liberty to share the odd highly entertaining snippet of rubbish with you... enjoy! :0)

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Electric Eel powers Christmas tree...

...do we need to say anything else?!!  Should you happen to have an electric eel to spare (& a death-wish) you could try this in your own home :0)

Monday, 13 December 2010

Crafty Christmas for fishing folk...

Too cold to fancy fishing?  Then stay at home & get crafty!

Crafts are all about creativity, and finding a new use for everyday objects is a big part of the fun. Fishing bobbers are an excellent material for Christmas decorations (& if you recycle enough, you might be lucky enough to have an excuse for some new gadgets for Christmas)!!

Christmas ornaments are a popular craft using fishing bobbers. A Santa or a snowman can easily be made with these red and white fishing trinkets.

For a snowman, use three different sized bobbers, with the smallest for the head, then the medium size below and the largest on the bottom. connect the bobbers together using their hooks and then give your snowman eyes and a hat. Feed thin ribbon or string through the top to hang the ornament with.

For a Santa ornament, just use one large bobber. Glue or paint on some eyes and add a small cotton ball on top (the red half) for a hat and a bit of stretched out cotton to the bottom to make a beard.

Bobber Wreaths

•A Christmas wreath made out of bobbers is a fun decoration for a country Christmas. The wreath is made by wrapping white Christmas lights around a wire wreath form, and then wiring on various sized white and red bobbers to cover the wreath form. For a nice touch, add a large bow of festive ribbon to the top.

Bobber Light Pull

•For homes with a rustic decor, fishing bobbers make excellent light pulls. Simply use the hook on the top to attach them to the existing light pull. If the bright colors don't mesh well, try painting the bobber or shopping antique stores for vintage bobbers made from wood or cork.

Bobber Floating Keychain

Heading out on the boat? Attach a bobber to your key ring using some ribbon, twine, or a number of other materials to keep your keys from sinking if they fall overboard. To personalize the bobber or just make it pretty you can paint it or even add rub-on transfers or rhinestones. Just don't forget to remove any other heavy key rings before leaving land. The bobber won't keep more than a couple of keys from heading to the bottom of the lake

Thursday, 9 December 2010

123 RC - an RC site for all model enthusiasts...

RC Forum site with lots of interesting chit-chat, reviews, tips, manuals to download & lots more!  Give it a try at http://www.123rc.net/ . Whether you're into RC boats, planes, helis or cars, this site is likely to be a great resource.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

Schaeffer Mclean, 6 year old skater - new video

More awesome moves from 6 year old Schaeffer, well done mate! This includes his very first attempt at the dropping an 11 foot vert ramp and ollieing the 3rd step at the famous Lloyds skate spot in Bristol.

Watch out for my favourite bit, someone simultaneously skating & zorbing - a new extreme sport is born... :0)

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cold weather, hot tip!

Whether it be for cycling, fishing, skating or any kind of outdoor adventure, there is one smashing bit of kit that we recommend this winter (especially as our thermometre keeps dipping below zero...). 

Merino wool has been known to outdoor adventurers for a long time, for it's amazing thermal properties & now someone has very thoughtfully made a neck gaiter in merino wool.  You can get them pretty much anywhere (Amazon, Rock & Rescue, Trekmates, Snow & Rock, Action Outdoors to name but a few) from as little as £13 & we would heartily recommend adding one to your Christmas list.  Of course, if you have been too naughty to get one from Santa, then at least you know where to buy yourself one from now :0)

For those of you unsure as to why Merino is so spiffy, read on...!

Merino wool is common in high-end, performance athletic wear. Typically meant for use running, hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, cycling, and in other types of outdoor aerobic exercise, these clothes command a premium over synthetic fabrics.
Merino is excellent at regulating body temperature, especially when worn against the skin. The wool provides some warmth, without overheating the wearer. It draws moisture (sweat) away from the skin, the fabric is slightly moisture repellent allowing the user to avoid the feeling of wetness.  Merino wool retains warmth when wet helping wearers avoid hypothermia after strenuous workouts (climbs) or weather events.

Like most wools, merino contains lanolin which has antibacterial properties.  Merino is one of the softest types of wool available, due to finer fibers and smaller scales.  Merino has an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio compared to other wools, in part because the smaller fibers have microscopic cortices of dead air, trapping body heat similar to the way a sleeping bag warms its occupant.  Amazing stuff eh?!


Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Night Flights, an RC heli gimmick?

What do you reckon, pointless gimmick or uber cool extension of your hobby?! 

Friday, 26 November 2010

Nasa's Image of the Day...

These are soooooo cool!!!  Is it a bit spoddy to get excited by these?  Well we don't care!! :0)

We love that Nasa take the time to share these amazing images with Jo Public.  This is the Expedition 25 Landing...

The Soyuz TMA-19 spacecraft with Expedition 25 Commander Doug Wheelock and Flight Engineers Shannon Walker and Fyodor Yurchikhin touches down near the town of Arkalyk, Kazakhstan on Friday, Nov. 26, 2010. Russian Cosmonaut Yurchikhin and NASA Astronauts Wheelock and Walker, are returning from six months onboard the International Space Station where they served as members of the Expedition 24 and 25 crews. 

 Welcome home peeps & happy Friday to all :0)

Photo Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

Friday, 19 November 2010

Danny Macaskill... crazy biker strikes again

Created by MacAskill in collaboration with Red Bull, "Way Back Home" shows the cyclist riding across Scotland to his hometown of Dunvegan in the Isle of Skye.

Travelling with his friend and filmmaker Dave Sowerby, MacAskill performs stunts at Edinburgh Castle, leaps over rocky terrain and jumps onto and over bridges in the Scottish Highlands.

The journey culminates with a return to the place where MackAskill first learned how to ride, his hometown of Dunvegan, where he skips past local hotels, jumps off railings and even front flips off a building.
Talking about his experience of riding from Edinburgh to Skye, MacAskill said: “My favourite spot in the riding clip is probably the bakery wall ride in my local village.  I found it by walking out of the bakery with a big pasty. And then I saw the grass bank and the wall and thought I could maybe jump up there one day.  One of the hardest tricks in the film was probably the front flip off Edinburgh Castle as it was blowing a force 10 hooly. It was also raining really heavily, if it wasn't for that it would have been easy.”

Danny MacAskill's first video, Inspired Bicycles, received 300,000 views online overnight and has since been played more than 21 million times.  This guy is awesome - I'm not even happy to take one hand off the handlebars for more than a few seconds, never mind the amazing shenanigans he achieves with what looks like effortless grace!!

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Local Bike shop in "Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows" fame!

We've had some fun ourselves, sending a few bits & bobs to Leavesden Studios to be turned into a bit of wizarding magic, but not in quite such a spectacular way as Watsonion Squire Ltd of Moreton - they have supplied Hagrid's bike & sidecar for the latest installment of wizarding wonder, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows... 

The company have been making sidecars since 1912 - Watsonian Squire Ltd supplied a number of sidecar outfits to be used in the dramatic chase sequence, filmed on location in and around London.

According to the story, the motorcycle and sidecar originally belonged to Harry’s godfather, Sirius Black. Although it appears to be a normal ‘muggle’ [non-magical] vehicle, it can fly as fast as a broomstick.

Click here to visit the official website for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Since their appearance in the film & subsequently on BBC regional news, Watsonian report an increase in interest for their sidecars - I don't think they can all fly though people, just the very special ones!!

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Scalextric - possibly the world's best track...

Now this is dedication, check our James Harlan's pride & joy:

An American Scalextric enthusiast has built what appears to be the most realistic slot car circuit ever constructed in the basement beneath his house.   But James Harlan of White Lake, Michigan, USA, didn't simply buy as much Scalextric clobber as he could get his hands on - he spent $5,950 (around £3,700) and took three years to customise an incredible 145ft racing track.  Mr. Harlan used a mixture of fibreboard, copper tape, electric wires and some paint to create the 1:32 scale circuit, which includes 19 corners.  It also features life-like pit lanes, a 19ft-long bridge and incredibly accurate scenery that includes skyscrapers, safety cars and television cameras.

Mr. Harlan has no shortage of friends queuing up to play. He often holds race nights with around 30 people, which include rigorous qualifying laps prior to a full-length race.
He has also recreated the famous Le Mans 24-Hour race, but shortened the length to 14 minutes. On track lighting was used for the night-time part of the race.
"I suppose I've taken it pretty far beyond what has already been done," said Mr. Harlan.
"Sometimes when I sit back and look at it, I realise I have created something quite extraordinary, but this isn't the end - I've only just begun."

It makes my figure-8 track with Michelin Tyre bridge look just a little bit sad... :0)

Friday, 5 November 2010

High-tech screen cleaner...

I know you don't clean your computer screen very often - I don't either, it's hard to do the inside!
So I was delighted to find this gadget, it's made all the difference...

Just click here and presto, the inside of your screen will be cleaned!  You might have to wait a moment...

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!


Tuesday, 2 November 2010

UK End 2 End - Fundraising for ACTION MEDICAL RESEARCH

UK End 2 End - Fundraising for ACTION MEDICAL RESEARCH

Wallace & Gromit's World of Invention!

Starting On Wednesday 3rd November, BBC1 7.30pm, join Wallace & Gromit in their World of Invention!  Wallace turns his hand to TV presenting and takes an eccentric look at some cracking real-life contraptions – accompanied by his faithful side-kick (turned camera-dog) Gromit.

Play the game
Build your own invention

The shows follow on from their succesful exhibition at London's Science Museum last year, which I was lucky enough to see.  It was like walking through their house & garden & was just AMAZING!!!!  I took many pictures, pressed lots of buttons & generally had a smashing time behaving like a four year old (no change there then!!).


NASA have an 'image of the day' on Twitter!

And here it is...

"Discovery's Latest Ride" - Nasa 'image of the day' 1st November 2010

How awesome is that?!  I think it is also pretty amazing that you can check out lots of cool stuff at their website http://www.nasa.gov/home/index.html - you can even watch NASA TV , but I am simply delighted that one of those busy peeps at NASA has time for a daily photo sesh & subsequent tweet!!!! 

Monday, 1 November 2010

UK Gravity Sport Festival Cadwell Park 13.11.10

Gravity Sports return to Cadwell for the fourth annual Gravity Festival. What ever you ride, you're welcome. Gravity Racer, Soap Box, Street Luge, Classic Luge, Downhill Skateboards ,Gravity Bike and new this year, Gravity SIdecar.
This year will see the first King Of The Hill Competition. The fastest rider in each discipline will fight it out to see who is the master of gravity. Races will be held on two different hills. Hills open to freeride after the racing.

Over the last three years Cadwell has proven it's self as one on the best events on the calendar. This famous and spectacular venue simply must be ridden by everyone.

Check this out for a track's-eye view:

For more info and sign up online go to http://www.appleheadgravitysport.co.uk/ 
The Cadwell track featured on Channel Five's Gadget Show recently - to see the track vid click here http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid16457163001?bctid=17683709001

TV Fishing Extravaganza...

...well, two shows anyway!

ITV's "River Monsters" is back on Tuesdays at 11.35pm

Biologist and extreme angler Jeremy Wade is on a mission to get face to face with some of the world’s most terrifying river monsters.
Throughout the series, Jeremy travels to Brazil to find out what lurks under the murky waters of the Amazon and attempts to get to the bottom of stories of piranha attacks on humans. He also investigates a river monster just ten miles away from a 21st century European capital city, Berlin, as well as visiting America’s deep South to come face to face with the alligator gar. If you miss any, you can now watch any missed episodes on the ITV Player.

On Mondays at 9.00pm, Robson Green is back on Channel 5, with "Extreme Fishing" featuring some of the biggest & scariest fish you have EVER seen...

although this picture doesn't illustrate the point very well!!

In his Extreme Fishing World Tour, Robson spends four out of five months on the road and travelling over 60,000 miles. From the Amazon River to the Indian Ocean, and from the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the plains of Africa, the nation's favourite fisherman (?!) will be meeting all manner of crazy characters and risking life and limb to tackle the scariest, most powerful fish on earth - including Bull Shark, Swordfish, Tiger Fish and the deadly Japanese Puffer. And of course he'll be doing it all with his own unique brand of supercharged Geordie fishing enthusiasm. It's Robson's most epic adventure yet - but can he handle it?  Missed any, then go to Demand Five to catch up.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Schaeffer's got a new ramp...

...in his lounge?!!!!

Our sponsored skater Schaeffer showing off some serious skills & a cool new hairdo too!

You too can follow Schaeffer, check him out on Youtube, Myspace & Facebook to name but a few :0)

Happy weekend Everyone!!


Friday, 15 October 2010

"Team for Ride" gravity sports update...

Fabien at Team for Ride has just sent us this fantastic season update...

"So, here is a report of the season and some pictures of us.

The events

French championship:
Darnetal: close to Rouen an easy but tactical track. Draft is mandatory to win, being first at the begining of the straight line is not the good choice!
Graveyard call: close to Annecy, a narrow track with rough pavement, man holes... difficulty is to find the balance between grip and drift.
Chuyer: a long track (3 km) with many sections for drafting.


World cup:
Graveyard call: also counting for the IGSA world cup.
Padova grand prix: taking place in Teolo (Italy), this event was really weel organised. A nice track with a very slow but turny section.
Insul: also couting as European championship. This german track is really technical, no mistake allowed in the corners or you easily take additional seconds on your time.
Kosakov: close to Turnov in Czech Republic, this was the fastest event in Europe, a long track with three sections over 100 km/h in streetluge.

Our results

lady first, Marie did a great season on the French and World cup in stand up..

French championship: 1st Podium!!!!
Darnetal: 1st
Graveyard call: 1st
Chuyer: 1st

World cup: 3rd but still some legs that she can't race.
Graveyard call: 2nd
Padova grand prix 1st
Kosakov: 1st

Philippe (stand up)

French championship: 3rd Podium!!!!!
Darnetal: 19th
Graveyard call: 1st
Chuyer: 13th

World cup: 180th
Graveyard call: 8th

Quentin (stand up)

French championship: 24th
Darnetal: 24th
Graveyard call: 21th
Chuyer: 18th

World cup: 205th
Graveyard call: 97th
Padova grand prix: 70th


French championship: classic luge 6th / streetluge 4th
Darnetal: classic luge 8th / streetluge 2nd
Graveyard call: classic luge 7th / streetluge 3rd
Chuyer: classic luge 5th / streetluge 4th

World cup: classic luge 49th / streetluge 46th
Graveyard call: classic luge 9th / streetluge 6th


French championship: classic luge 3rd / streetluge 5th
Darnetal: classic luge 3rd / streetluge 3rd
Graveyard call: classic luge 2nd / streetluge 5th

World cup: classic luge 5th / streetluge 9th but still some legs that Ican't race... too bad it's still possible to finish 3rd in classic.
Graveyard call: classic luge 4th / streetluge 12th
Padova grand prix: classic luge 7th / streetluge 12th
Insul: classic luge 5th / streetluge 9th
Kosakov: classic luge 6th / streetluge 8th

Our comments on the season:

Marie: really proud about my results, I wish next will be even better! A big thanks to SMB for the bearing supply!

Philippe: happy to be on the french podium and disapointed to had missed the Euro tour, but starting a job mean no vacation...  Of course thanks to SMB bearing!

Quentin: really disapointed about my results, taking too much pressure on the events, and falling 'cause of it... Next year will be better!

Thibaut: Thanks to SMB to had supplied the bearings! and thaks to all the riders and organisators. I was back to school, so not able to take vacation whenever I was wanting to, and next year won't be easier... I'll be back in Britanny and the events will be even further. Eventhough I'm motivated to ride and perform in competition!

Fabien: Thanks SMB, it was so nice to not have to think about the bearing. I'm quite happy about the season, but still think that I can do better. And really pissed off to not be able to go in Brasil to be able to take over the 3rd place in classic luge and be able to participate in the world speed record attempt... But next year will see. Hope that we'll have more sponsors supporting us to be able to race overseas. I put in copy two picture of my best run this summer and it was with my friend, Thibaut! (and I won! lol)"

Our congratulations to you all, what a fantastic season!  We look forward to catching up with you again next year :0)

Thursday, 30 September 2010

F1 in Schools World Championship finals

Well done to our sponsored F1 in Schools team, Team Fusion (seen below competing in this month's World Championship finals).

Although Team Fusion couldn't beat off the stiff competition to claim overall victory, they did fantastically well to reach the World Championships & we are immensely proud of their achievements, in design, technology & all-around business skills. 

A team from the USA were the eventual - Unitus Racing from James Madison Middle School and Southeast High School, were delighted, and surprised, to be crowned with the title at this sixth World Finals event, after beating the 24 student teams competing.  The team were congratulated by Vodafone McLaren Mercedes driver, Jenson Button, after the awards ceremony.  Button said of the team’s success, “Wow, it was a long journey for these guys, but I suppose it’s like anything you want to achieve, it is a long journey. A lot of people would also say that the journey is the reward as well. I’m sure it has been for these guys, they have had a great experience designing the car and congratulations to them. I hope they’ve enjoyed this experience and enjoyed their trip to Singapore.”

Organiser Andrew Denford said:
“We’ve had a fantastic World Finals this year, with the quality of the teams outstripping last year and all the judges being highly impressed with the professionalism, commitment and innovation that has been put into the development of their F1 cars.   There has been intense competition at this event, with hundreds of hours of work being put into each teams’ entry, as they strive to build the fastest, most innovative car with high precision engineering. The initiative mirrors the real world of Formula One, with the team’s professionalism extending to the pit display, uniforms, merchandise and commercial funding, with judges allocating marks for each of these aspects of the programme. The 25 teams have put in superb performances, but there’s always only one World Champion and Unitus Racing are deserving champions, our congratulations to them.”

F1 in Schools is the only global multi-disciplinary challenge for students aged 9 to 19.  The competition inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacturing, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership, teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and apply them in a practical, imaginative and exciting way. 

If you feel inspired to take part, find more details at http://www.f1inschools.co.uk/ & maybe you too could be jetting off for the World Championship finals next year...

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Mecha-lobster...

We've had some interesting enquiries this week, but I think Thomas Rooney from the University of West England wins hands down!  He needed some bearings to use for his underwater robotics project:

"The aim is to create an underwater robot capable of utilizing home built thrusters and mechanical spider legs , later on I have plans for using it as a underwater test rig and developing a sensor for measuring and reacting to underwater currents. As the final year project of my degree I will be working with the university's sonar module to enhance the software we created for the SAUC-E event and add compensation for physical movement caused by the underwater enviroment."

We've sent him some of our plastic corrosion resistant bearings & look forward very much to hearing how he gets on with them!


Monday, 13 September 2010

Schaeffer's Spanish Adventures...

Looking good Schaeffer - oh to be even one-millionth of a percent as cool as you... :0)

You can now keep up to date with Schaeffer's latest exploits on Facebook - visit http://www.facebook.com/pages/Schaeffer-McLean/


Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Rc plane meets real plane...

You have to feel a bit sorry for both pilots - imagine trying to superglue that lot back together!!

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

To Paris by bike, to help our heroes...

Meet local ex-serviceman, Martin Brewster. 

He is just about to set off from his home in Chadlington to cycle to Paris, via London where he will join 300 other cyclists participating in the 4 day ride to the Arc de Triomphe. He is participating in The Royal British Legion's 15th annual "Pedal to Paris" bike ride.

The 55-year-old, who served for 25 years in the RAF, wants to raise as much as possible for the British Legion.   He said: “I know the British Legion desperately needs the funding, and being ex-service, I sympathise with the cause of the injured servicemen and their families.
In France, the event will come to an end with a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Mr Brewster will return to London by train, and plans to cycle home from there.   In total, the married father-of-one will cycle about 500 miles in six days.

In 2003 Martin also cycled to Paris to raise £1,500 to help the British Legion fund its work.   He said: “Sadly, seven years on, due to the present action in Afghanistan, I see that the sacrifice of servicemen and women and the suffering of their families continues apparently unabated.   This shows the continued importance of the work done by the Royal British Legion, which needs to raise about £75.5m each year to spend on its vital welfare work.   Unfortunately, the need for the British Legion work grows almost daily, as we still see these reports of servicemen being killed in Afghanistan.”

Mr Brewster, who was a squadron leader, retired from RAF Benson in 1996.  He had previously served at RAF Brize Norton (just across the road from us!), from 1992 until 1994.
The keen cyclist, who now works as an IT manager for the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust, has vowed to donate his month’s pension from the RAF of £800 towards the cause.   This year he will be joined by Miss England, Lance Corporal Katrina Hodge and former England football manager Graham Taylor.  Also joining in are Legion President, Sir John Kiszely and almost 300 other riders on the 4 day trip.

Martin hopes to raise a total of £2,010. 
To help him raise just that little bit more, please visit www.bmycharity.com/martinbrewsterp2p2010,
call him on 07783 051087,
or send an email to martin@mgbrew.co.uk

Good luck Martin!!


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Cool cars...

We had a bit of excitement earlier - true, it doesn't take much to get us going here (we nearly bust a gut when we had a request for bearings from the special effects department working on a well known wizarding-school film) but this was actually genuinly exciting for bearing sellers as it's not often that we get to see where our products end up! 

A lovely gentlemen called in for a couple of motor bearings & told us that he works for Alpine Eagle, a locally based company who restore classic cars.  The bearings were to help in some restoration work on a Rolls Royce.  Check out some of the stunning work they've already completed:

Rolls Royce Phantom

1939 Derby Bentley

1955 R-type Rolls Royce

There are these & so much more to see at their website http://www.alpineeagle.co.uk/index.html  - check it out for tonnes of car history & enthusiasm - these guys obviously have flair & a passion for their work.


Thursday, 12 August 2010

Extreme Wheels 2010

Anyone local to us should head to Carterton this weekend, as Carterton Skate Park is hosting "Extreme Wheels 2010" on Saturday 14.08.10.  2009's event was a fantastic success, so let's hope that 2010 follows suit - & that the weather fairies are kind!! 

Last year's highlights are shown below:


This year's headliner band is Pegasus Bridge, their song "Ribena" is sampled below -

<a href="http://extremewheelsfestival2010.bandcamp.com/track/ribena">Ribena by Extreme Wheels Festival</a>

To see more details of the bands playing on the day, go to http://extremewheelsfestival2010.bandcamp.com/

Have fun everyone!!


Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Stephen Bates, skating for Leukemia Charity...

Just a heads up for anyone who hasn't heard, a student recovering from Leukemia is skating 200 miles for charity. 

Stephen says  "The reason I'm doing this is due to personally being affected by Leukaemia in 2006. At the end of my first year at University I had to take a year out for treatment and all I wanted to do is get back to Uni! Fortunately I did get back and had a good three years more there. Now it's time to give back for all the help I received.

The money you donate will go to Leukemia and Lymphoma Research, which affects people of all ages. This charity is the only UK charity that soley invests in research for blood cancers and has over 50 years experience. I experienced treatment intensely for over a year and 2 extra years of maintance treatment during my studies. This affects your everyday life and infections can be more serious during this time. Therefore if I can raise money to aid in research in finding a cure or reduce treatment time for future sufferers, then i'm there. Even if it means my legs are going to suffer for it.

The plan is to start on the 10th August and hopefully within 7 days will reach sunny Maidstone. The route is now planned, and will be going through Nottingham, Leicester, Market Harbourough, Northampton, Towcester, Dunstable, Luton, St Albans, Elstree, Camden Town, Brockley, Swanley, Wrotham and then finally Maidstone."  

 All at SMB wish you the very best of luck Stephen, we'll have our fingers crossed for a safe & happy skate :0)

Visit Stephen's Justgiving page to donate http://www.justgiving.com/skatingsteveee

Friday, 23 July 2010

Schaeffer Mclean... TV fame beckons!

Scheaffer Mclean, the six year old skater that we proudly sponsor, has a pretty big announcement for one so young - he has beaten off stiff competition from 5000 other entrants to become one of four kids representing Robinson's Fruitshoot soft drinks this year. 

His mum Eve tells us "Its now officially out and you can see the advert on the website.

There is also another 20 second advert featuring just Schaeffer promoting his flavour (orange and pineapple) where he speaks in it which will be shown on TV. There is also a tutorial video which will be going up on the website, in which Schaeffer goes through how to do some tricks. http://www.fruitshoot.com/

The advert will air on 26th July on mainly the childrens channels CITV, GMTV2, Disney, Nickelodeon, Sky, Turner and Dolphin.   I am really proud and excited to see him on TV, he is just taking in his stride, I don't think he'll realise how well he's done, till he sees it on TV.  I wish we could have a premier party, but the first showing is at 6.40am so I think we'll just catch the later showings! Summer holidays start today and its going to be great going to different parks throughout the summer and ending up in Spain at the end.  Lots of new parks are opening nearby, and some great skate events are coming up too. "

Thanks for the exciting news Eve.  We think that Schaeffer is pretty awesome, particularly as he skated the whole thing with a broken wrist (his sleeve is pulled down to cover a bright green plaster-cast through much of the ad).  It is amazing that at just six years old, he is already starting to teach others about skating skills - most people don't start "giving back" to their chosen sport until they've retired in their thirties!!

Schaeffer has also picked up quite a bit of press coverage, including the guys at Jack FM, so it's all been a pretty busy start to the school holidays for him.  
 Have a smashing holiday mate :0)


Friday, 16 July 2010

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Hans Meevis's latest creation...

We've had the fun of following Han's work since he bought some bearings from us for a project two years ago - check out his latest project...  The Dino War Machine

And here's the miniature boiler that he has just completed... BEAUTIFUL!

And actually a working model, producing steam after seven minutes. 

To see much, much more of Hans' cool stuff, visit http://hansmeevis.blogspot.com/

Friday, 2 July 2010

Schaeffer's latest vid...

Check out the latest video update from our sponsored skater Schaeffer Mclean.  If you've missed any, visit http://www.youtube.com/user/schaeffernico to catch up on his exploits, skilfully filmed by his big sis.

It sounds like we'll be able to bring you some big news on Schaeffer pretty soon, but for now we'll have to leave you guessing... all will be revealed as soon as poss :0).

Happy weekend everyone!


Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Team For Ride update...

Fabien competing in the French championship in Darnetal earlier this month, he also sent us this photo of him unpacking the new toys we sent... skate bearings & t-shirts for the team!

Quentin corners at Darnetal...

We're delighted to bring you the latest news from Team For Ride, our slightly madcap French Gravity Sports champions - see our original post http://smbbearings.blogspot.com/2010/04/street-luge-team-for-ride.html for full details of their combined lunacy!

Fabien writes that the team will have at least one member competing in World Championship events in France, Italy, Austria, Germany & the Czech Republic all over the summer.. "So, just to keep you informed of what we are going to do this summer the competition calendar has been set.  Almost all of us struggle to find money (me included) to participate to all the events, so we had to make some choices...

For Thibaut it's his carreer, he's back in school, and it's impossible for him to have more vacations..."

 Thibaut competing at Darnetal...

"For Quentin it's his work as much as the money...

For Marie and Philippe, they are just separated (but everything's doing good thay are still really good friends, no trouble in the team "pfiouuu") so they had to move and that create many non scheduled expenses... and also Philippe is still on trial period at his work...

And me, I'm the lucky guy! plenty of vacation, except I'll miss Almabtrieb in Austria, cause of my sister's wedding, and I'll miss Chuyer Gold Trophy cause of my best friend's wedding. Which certainly cost me the French podium... (can't they get married in winter? lol)". 

I am sure that your sister will do her best to be more considerate in future Fabien & try to schedule any other big occasions around your competitions :0)

Marie takes a podium place at Darnetal...

Thanks for the news Team For Ride, we'll look forward to hearing all about your events as the summer progresses.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Schaeffer Mclean, sponsored skater update...

Not the best of news for our pint-size skate hero Schaeffer, as you can see from the picture he has broken his arm...  still managing to look uber-cool in his cast though! 

He manages to produce some of the coolest moves without injury

 & then Murphy's law dictates that he'll break his arm on a playground slide :0).

Get well soon buddy!


Wednesday, 9 June 2010

F1 in Schools World Championships update...

We have just received an update on our F1 in Schools National finalists, Mach 1, based at Lutterworth College in Leicester.  F1 in Schools is a multi-disciplinary challenge in which teams of students aged 9 to 19 use design & engineering skills & software to collaborate, design, analyse, manufacture, test, and then race miniature gas powered balsa wood F1 cars.  As they have qualified for the World Championships in Singapore later this year there is much excitement at Mach1...

Elliot tells us more:
"As I’m sure you are very much aware, Mach1 are going to the World Championships in Singapore in September to compete in the F1 in Schools World Championships against the best young engineers in the world, after finishing 2nd place in the National Final and winning the award for the best engineered car thanks to the fantastic input we received from sponsors such as yourselves.

Recently, we have been holding meetings with our school teachers to prepare financially for the finals as we have to pay for flights, accommodation and entry fees for the competition which cover trips around Singapore whilst we are there".

The rules of the competition mean that Mach1 (like all other competitors) now have to join forces with winning teams from other nations... "We have had two Skype call meetings with our Malaysian team mates. They were team Annihilation from the Army Apprentice school in Port Jackson, Malaysia but now we have combined to make TEAM Fusion, TEAM being an anagram of The England And Malaysia Fusion.

We have discussed team jobs as well. It’s a maximum of six members per team so Alex is still going to be coming to Singapore but just not in the official team, he will still wear team uniform etc. The Malaysian team are also doing this with one of their team mates. Jonny is the new team manage, Ricky is the new Business Manager and I am the new design manager. They have the Manufacturing manager, resources manager and the other job that they have slips my mind at this time! Me and their manufacturing manager will work closely during design and manufacture because that way I will always be working productively during every production process of the car. So he will help with the design, we will manufacture some parts on our 3D printer and ship them to Malaysia and so on.

Fundraising is going reasonably well. We had a non school uniform day and raised £1200 at that and we have raised about £1500 so far which is quite good considering we are currently undertaking our GCSEs but it is still well short of our target. The team predict the target to be at £7000 and that includes £2000 of car development and manufacture money but we aren’t manufacturing the majority of the car so we aim to have the money to do something very impressive with the parts of the car we will manufacture like carbon fibre parts and things along them lines. However our teachers are predicting £13000 which we disagree with but we will try and raise as much money as possible in hope of being able to afford the Singapore trip. Team Exceleration’s school have disallowed the team from travelling to Singapore due to cost so we don’t want this to happen to us. We have quiz nights at schools and other fundraising activities at companies planned and if we meet our targets for each event we will have enough money to travel.

With regards to bearings we will have to discuss with our Malaysian team mates who will supply the bearings and I would love for you to be our main suppliers again, so I will try and get that at the next meeting on the 19th of June . "

Good luck in your forthcoming exams to all at Mach1, sorry, TEAM Fusion!  We'll have everything crossed for you.  We look forward to helping in whatever way we can to your future success in Singapore this autumn. 

Our best wishes go out to all TEAM Fusion members, can't wait for your next update!