Friday, 23 July 2010

Schaeffer Mclean... TV fame beckons!

Scheaffer Mclean, the six year old skater that we proudly sponsor, has a pretty big announcement for one so young - he has beaten off stiff competition from 5000 other entrants to become one of four kids representing Robinson's Fruitshoot soft drinks this year. 

His mum Eve tells us "Its now officially out and you can see the advert on the website.

There is also another 20 second advert featuring just Schaeffer promoting his flavour (orange and pineapple) where he speaks in it which will be shown on TV. There is also a tutorial video which will be going up on the website, in which Schaeffer goes through how to do some tricks.

The advert will air on 26th July on mainly the childrens channels CITV, GMTV2, Disney, Nickelodeon, Sky, Turner and Dolphin.   I am really proud and excited to see him on TV, he is just taking in his stride, I don't think he'll realise how well he's done, till he sees it on TV.  I wish we could have a premier party, but the first showing is at 6.40am so I think we'll just catch the later showings! Summer holidays start today and its going to be great going to different parks throughout the summer and ending up in Spain at the end.  Lots of new parks are opening nearby, and some great skate events are coming up too. "

Thanks for the exciting news Eve.  We think that Schaeffer is pretty awesome, particularly as he skated the whole thing with a broken wrist (his sleeve is pulled down to cover a bright green plaster-cast through much of the ad).  It is amazing that at just six years old, he is already starting to teach others about skating skills - most people don't start "giving back" to their chosen sport until they've retired in their thirties!!

Schaeffer has also picked up quite a bit of press coverage, including the guys at Jack FM, so it's all been a pretty busy start to the school holidays for him.  
 Have a smashing holiday mate :0)

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