Monday, 1 December 2014

Race Report from F1 in Schools World Finalists, Team Robus...

We've just had this great season round-up & race report from our friends at Team Robus, who we supported with precision miniature bearings for their F1 in Schools challenge this year.  They're just back from their World Finals adventure in Abu Dhabi...

"Hello everyone! 

Team ROBUS are back from Abu Dhabi, fresh from competing in the F1 in Schools World Finals 2014 as the official Scottish team. We all had a fantastic time showing off our work to the judges and other teams, and we have also had a great deal of fun throughout the project, particularly our time in Abu Dhabi! 

With 37 other teams competing, it was fantastic to meet so many new people and we have made many new friends. During the networking session at the start of the event, we had an opportunity to introduce ourselves to another 240 students from across the world, having interesting discussions about our journey to get to the World Finals, and our hopes and expectations.

It was also extremely enlightening to see everyone else's work and the variety of ways in which the other teams interpreted the regulations. There were no similar pit displays or cars as everyone had their own ideas and their own ways of fitting their designs around the rules set by the competition judges. 

One of the most striking things about the competition was the good spirited nature and support for other teams.  As everyone has gone through the same struggles, all the participants encouraged each other across the competition days, with some superb examples of teams assisting each other. There was so much good spirit between everyone, whilst still maintaining that competitive edge that it created an excellent buzz which lasted throughout the duration of the challenge. This was most evident at the awards ceremony, as applause roared out for everyone who won an award or was even nominated! 
On this occasion, we were unlucky not to collect any awards, but genuinely believe that we became winners from the second that we qualified for the World Finals.  The number and variety of skills we have developed, refined and applied to the various elements of the challenge is truly astounding. From literacy to numeracy, sciences to engineering or design to marketing, the challenge has pushed us and ensured that these skills were not just taught, but applied and that we can use them in later life. It could be said that this has been the real award from our team taking part in the challenge. 

We ended our time away on an exceptional high, with a desert safari, Grand Prix Qualifying and the Grand Prix itself! There was also a sneaky chance to see The Who live in was fair to say that there were some very envious staff and students back at Deans whilst we were in Abu Dhabi!

We would like to thank all of our sponsors, who offered an exceptional range of support while we were taking part in the challenge - from financial support to assistance with manufacture or printing our pit display boards, to painting our car and even providing folding cardboard trucks; we couldn't have asked for a better network of sponsors.  The assistance that you have all provided us with throughout the last year has been exceptional, and we would not have got to Abu Dhabi without your support. Thank you to you all.

Our thanks also go to our parents, teachers and peers as we couldn't have got as far as we have without you. 

Our congratulations go to all of the teams who won an award and to the top three teams: Boreas Racing in third, Gamma Raycing in second and Colossus, the new world champions. You all did amazingly well, but be warned...with a far better understanding of the competition rules and regulations, future teams from Deans, West Lothian and across Scotland will be far better prepared in the future when attending the World this space!

It's not all over for us, in fact it has just begun - with two new teams from the school competing in the 2015 regional finals and our Legacy Project starting in December! We are very excited about being able to give Primary 7's a taste of the F1 in Schools Challenge and hopefully we will be able to inspire them to take part in future years. Our dream is to be able to have Scotland not counted as a region of the UK in the challenge, but to have it split into its own regions as England is. Here's to making this happen in the next few years!"

Congratulations to Team Robus from us all at SMB Bearings.
It's been a pleasure to support this great team & we admire their valiant efforts greatly,
watch out for these future industry leaders - they'll go far for sure!

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