Monday, 8 February 2010

Full Ceramic Bearings are here...

We are very excited... We've been talking about it for ages, but now they're actually here...
Our first two sizes of full ceramic bearings have just been delivered - HOORAY!!!!!!!!!

We are now the proud owners of 608 (8x22x7mm) & 626 (6x19x6mm) bearings - they're ideal for situations where you need amazing resistance to chemical corrosion, marine applications (salt-water can't touch these puppies!), applications that require completely non-magnetic bearings or electrically insulated bearings. They are composed of Zirconia rings & balls & have a hardwearing PEEK cage, see below:

They're not so good for high speeds or loads, any kind of shock loads (they're too brittle) or any temperature over 260 degrees centigrade - but that's high enough for most of us to get a decent tan ;0) . For those of your who need additional temperature ranges, we can order in full-complement bearings to cope with temperatures in excess of 800 degrees centigrade. We'll hopefully be introducing a wider range in the next few months, together with some hybrid ceramic bearings (steel rings & ceramic ball) for applications requiring higher speeds & loads.

Watch this space!
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