Wednesday, 25 October 2017

New website & news area at SMB Bearings...

We have some exciting news about our website - we have been busy developing a new one!

One important change is that the SMB Bearings Ltd Blog, which has been running since November 2008, will be moving to SMB's website & will now feature on our website's NEWS tab:

SMB's News page will replace SMB's Blog...

The site will be launched very soon (as soon as the final touches are in place & it's been tested to perfection - well, nearly 😝) & has been optimised to fit as much information as we can possibly give you about our bearings into a super-fast web-friendly space ☺🚀

Optimised access to our product range, coming soon!

If you can't find what you're looking for we are of course still on hand to guide you through the enormous range of available bearings, materials & lubrication that we can offer.

We'll let you know when the new website is up & running & look forward to receiving your feedback on it - in the meantime, you can still visit us at SMB Bearings to find product guidance on the 1.5 million bearings that we have in stock today.  

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