Friday, 15 October 2010

"Team for Ride" gravity sports update...

Fabien at Team for Ride has just sent us this fantastic season update...

"So, here is a report of the season and some pictures of us.

The events

French championship:
Darnetal: close to Rouen an easy but tactical track. Draft is mandatory to win, being first at the begining of the straight line is not the good choice!
Graveyard call: close to Annecy, a narrow track with rough pavement, man holes... difficulty is to find the balance between grip and drift.
Chuyer: a long track (3 km) with many sections for drafting.


World cup:
Graveyard call: also counting for the IGSA world cup.
Padova grand prix: taking place in Teolo (Italy), this event was really weel organised. A nice track with a very slow but turny section.
Insul: also couting as European championship. This german track is really technical, no mistake allowed in the corners or you easily take additional seconds on your time.
Kosakov: close to Turnov in Czech Republic, this was the fastest event in Europe, a long track with three sections over 100 km/h in streetluge.

Our results

lady first, Marie did a great season on the French and World cup in stand up..

French championship: 1st Podium!!!!
Darnetal: 1st
Graveyard call: 1st
Chuyer: 1st

World cup: 3rd but still some legs that she can't race.
Graveyard call: 2nd
Padova grand prix 1st
Kosakov: 1st

Philippe (stand up)

French championship: 3rd Podium!!!!!
Darnetal: 19th
Graveyard call: 1st
Chuyer: 13th

World cup: 180th
Graveyard call: 8th

Quentin (stand up)

French championship: 24th
Darnetal: 24th
Graveyard call: 21th
Chuyer: 18th

World cup: 205th
Graveyard call: 97th
Padova grand prix: 70th


French championship: classic luge 6th / streetluge 4th
Darnetal: classic luge 8th / streetluge 2nd
Graveyard call: classic luge 7th / streetluge 3rd
Chuyer: classic luge 5th / streetluge 4th

World cup: classic luge 49th / streetluge 46th
Graveyard call: classic luge 9th / streetluge 6th


French championship: classic luge 3rd / streetluge 5th
Darnetal: classic luge 3rd / streetluge 3rd
Graveyard call: classic luge 2nd / streetluge 5th

World cup: classic luge 5th / streetluge 9th but still some legs that Ican't race... too bad it's still possible to finish 3rd in classic.
Graveyard call: classic luge 4th / streetluge 12th
Padova grand prix: classic luge 7th / streetluge 12th
Insul: classic luge 5th / streetluge 9th
Kosakov: classic luge 6th / streetluge 8th

Our comments on the season:

Marie: really proud about my results, I wish next will be even better! A big thanks to SMB for the bearing supply!

Philippe: happy to be on the french podium and disapointed to had missed the Euro tour, but starting a job mean no vacation...  Of course thanks to SMB bearing!

Quentin: really disapointed about my results, taking too much pressure on the events, and falling 'cause of it... Next year will be better!

Thibaut: Thanks to SMB to had supplied the bearings! and thaks to all the riders and organisators. I was back to school, so not able to take vacation whenever I was wanting to, and next year won't be easier... I'll be back in Britanny and the events will be even further. Eventhough I'm motivated to ride and perform in competition!

Fabien: Thanks SMB, it was so nice to not have to think about the bearing. I'm quite happy about the season, but still think that I can do better. And really pissed off to not be able to go in Brasil to be able to take over the 3rd place in classic luge and be able to participate in the world speed record attempt... But next year will see. Hope that we'll have more sponsors supporting us to be able to race overseas. I put in copy two picture of my best run this summer and it was with my friend, Thibaut! (and I won! lol)"

Our congratulations to you all, what a fantastic season!  We look forward to catching up with you again next year :0)
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