Friday, 31 January 2014

Aaron Skippings, downhill skater update...

What do downhill skaters get up to out of the competitive season?

Aaron at Almatreib '13 - photo by Physco

Well our mate Aaron Skippings has been honing his skills at SourceBMX & looking super-cool & legendary & stuff :-)

Pictures by Ben Carson

When not looking like a skate super-hero, squinting mysteriously into the middle distance, Aaron is in downhill skate competition pre-season planning phase:

"It doesnt stop raining here at the moment but thet gives me time to work out my event plans ! :D
Hopefully planning to go to a race in Belgium in May and also to California in September
(for 2 world cup races)!

If it works out I'll be so happy - we will see. Also lots of skating here in the UK!"

Well Aaron, we're sending your some more bearings & lubricant
to get your season off to a flying start - good luck with all your adventures in 2014!

We'll look forward to sharing more news of Aaron's antics as the year progresses.

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