Friday, 25 September 2009

RC Plane landing... how not to!

Thanks to for this great image, captured whilst out on the lake for the Ravenna Thunderbirds annual water fly show in the US. The crash apparently occurred because of a loss of a part on take-off. Fishingguy jokes "It is a good thing I got this shot for the FAA to determine cause of the crash!"
Should your rc model suffer from a similar disaster (WE DO HOPE NOT!), we can supply high quality replacement bearings for you** - we don't have a minimum so you can order as few as you like.
**Did you know, most manufacturers supply their models fitted with the cheapest Chinese bearings? These bearings are ok for low-tech, low-spec applications but aren't suited to most models, so they tend to fail very quickly. We can offer high qualtiy Chinese bearings (mid-range in price terms) or the high quality Japanese bearings (usually branded, so they tend to cost more), both of which are smoother running, machined to a higher tolerance & last longer under the pressures that most models are subjected to.
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