Thursday, 3 September 2009

F1 in Schools Update

We've had a lovely update from Elliot, of the Mach1 Team at Lutterworth College, who we are sponsoring in this year's F1 in Schools event.

"We are back off of our school holidays now and the regional finals are only two months away so now we are going to start work on our portfolio and presentation. The car has been designed and the school now has a 3d printer so we can make custom wheels to fit your bearings and we can make the aerofoils using the 3d printer to make it lighter. The car improved drastically timewise in our tests with your bearings. We are making two cars for the regionals and through previous bearing with motors and various other things small bearings can be quite delicate. So please could we have 12 more bearings for the regional finals?!"

Thanks Elliot - your bearings are now being relubricated with something to make them go extra-fast, they'll actually be diamond encrusted!

We use Diamond Nanolube to coat the bearings - thousands of tiny diamond particles, suspended in a carrier oil, coat the surfaces of the bearing & float between the metal parts of the bearing to keep surfaces apart (it will still work even if the carrier oil is gone):
  • preventing metal to metal contact
  • prolonging bearing life
  • reducing friction
  • preventing galling, gouging & scoring
  • preventing heat build-up

We're glad you've had some good results so far Mach1 Team, keep up the good work!


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