Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Bike App for the i-Phone

Here's one for all you techie bike people & those owning more than one bike - I can't wait to delve into this one. Velo Girls in the USA (http://velogirlscoaching.blogspot.com/) give the following review:
We've hesitated to pay too much attention to most "bicycle" apps for the iPhone before because they seem to have limited value, but this one looks very interesting .
When travelling, you want to make sure you can set up your bike just the way you have it while you're home. If renting or borrowing a bike, you want to try to match your current geometry and fit as closely as possible. This info is super-handy if you're planning to purchase a new bike, too! In the past, that probably meant carrying around a little piece of paper with your measurements on it.
This app allows you to enter all that important information right on your iPhone. At first glance, it's super thorough -- probably more thorough than the average cyclist needs (or can figure out for him/herself). You can even add really important information like serial numbers and purchasing information -- all necessary if your bike finds its way into the hands of someone else (like a bike thief).
There's even a section for you to keep maintenance records so you know when to replace your chain! And (with a little help from a friend) you can record your vital body measurements. As a bonus, the developers have added an RSS news feed with some of the bigger cycling new sites (and you can add your favourites to customize the feed).

Thanks to http://www.londoncyclist.co.uk/cycling-accessories/bike-apps-for-the-iphone/ you can also see a list of other useful i-Phone apps currently available - well worth a look we reckon!

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