Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Latest inline skate/landboarding vids..

This amazing video has just popped up on YouTube & we thought it was well worth looking at!

And we must give a nod to an excellent chap from America, Pat Hinch, who has grabbed my fancy by combining two favourite hobbies, landboarding & skating (although he appears to be a lot better at both than I ever was). Just click on the link below to be whisked to his video:

And sticking with landboarding for a few minutes...

Good eh?!!! When I needed replacement bearings for my board I got rubber sealed bearings & had them re-greased with water-resistant, free running grease so that they turned easily but kept all of the beach nasties out! Just a little pointer for landboard bearing maintenance - if you brush your wheels to get the sand off them after a landboaring sesh at the beach, be careful not to brush the seals that cover the bearings as you might actually be pushing grit into the bearings, eventually making them much harder to turn.

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