Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Work starts on SMB's new home...

We are so, so excited!  After much hard work, deliberation & cogitation over building plans by our M.D. & the moving about of one extremely awkward staircase (we thought at one point that we'd have to use a rope ladder or fireman's pole to access the new office suite), the finalised architectural plans for our new premises are ready.

We will soon be handing over to the team at Tapper Interiors, who will now be responsible for the full interior build on our new premises.

Before Tapper Interiors get started, the flooring work will be commencing on our new home at Ventura Park, on 7th April - YEAY!!!!!!  The first step will be to have the floors cleaned & shot blasted to a super smooth finish by the folks at Polydeck Resins

concrete flooring during the shot-blasting process...
& then the floors will be given a super-tough & durable epoxy coating.  
We apparently had a fabulous choice - indeed a veritable rainbow - of colours to choose from. 

An example of flooring by Polydeck Resin
And given such a wondrous colour palette to choose from, we have selected this...

Ah well! :-)
We'll look forward to bringing you more news as work progresses.

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