Thursday, 5 February 2009

Snow business!

With all this cold weather, now is the perfect to mention that we can re-lubricate bearings down to a staggering minus 80 degrees centigrade (should you fancy taking them on a trip to the Arctic circle with you).

We can also lubricate up to a maximum of +288 degrees centigrade, for those of you who fancy more tropical applications. Lubricants are critical to bearing performance, as they reduce friction, inhibit corrosion & dissipate heat. The lubricant will also affect maximum running speeds, temperature, torque level, noise level & ultimately, bearing life.

Thanks to we can bring you some pictures from the locality, just to prove that we are very excited because WE HAVE SNOW! There has been some very silly behaviour going on here ("Surely not!" I hear your cry), with snow-throwing & sculpting of dubiously shaped snow figures. We won't feature those for legal reasons...

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