Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Art Jeweller strikes again...

Thanks to our favourite Jeweller in St Maartens for the following shout, we are honoured to be featured!

Making Small Screws and a Bearing Housing
This is a short Hidi ( how I do it ) on how I make some screws and a small bearing housing for a spinning ring. A Hidi on how to make a complete spinning ring can be found here. I order the bearings from SMB bearings in the UK at In this Hidi I am using a bearing with a 6mm flange and a 5mm diameter and a bore of 2mm. If you go check out SMB's website, they got all the schematics of the various type of bearing available.I start this Hidi with the screw making part first. I use only bench tools, no lathes or milling machines.I bought a tap and die set from Rio Grande. It is quite nice, adequate for the job and costs about $115.

For the full report, visit Hans Meevis' blog . Thanks Hans!
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