Monday, 2 March 2009

Rollerblading, Brunei style & solar powered rollerblading chariots...

Check out this guy hanging out at one of Brunei's favourite skate spots, having fun on the half-pipe with his friends.

Thanks to for this amazing image!

Also this week, we thought you ought to meet Bob Schneeveis, the inventor of the Solar Powered Walking Chariot (not a joke folks, actually true)! See it in action here - .

Bob is a brilliant and eccentric character who studies nature and then turns it into sustainable, solar-electric vehicles and gadgets… Bob also donates his time to students studying robotics, and certainly gets our award for being the truest of nutty professors! Check out how the solar powered engine drives these legs and rollerblades in such a powerful, human-like fashion…amazing! This astounding rollerblading contraption actually has a lot of kick to it and is capable of covering all kinds of terrain it seems.

I bet this thing gets through a lot of bearings...
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