Friday, 20 January 2012

More adventures with Schaeffer Mclean, sponsored skater...

Schaeffer's latest video is here people, in which he shows a great sense of fun & a wicked talent.

"Out and about having fun and adventures... Filmed mainly in Spain, finding new skate parks and meeting wonderful and sometimes crazy people, but that just makes it better!

Narrowly avoided the Policia whilst filming this one skating through the streets where they were cracking down on skateboarding in the city and giving out hefty fines.. (someone told us afterwards!) Schaeffer wanted to skate the pool, but there was no rounded bottom so he wanted to get in it anyway. Thanks to everyone who let us use their music - check out the credits. Oh and check him going over his sisters head at the beginning of the last section".

Nice one Schaeffer! :0)


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