Friday, 6 January 2012

Doug Brown, sponsored skater update...

We've had the pleasure of sponsoring Doug Brown, the pro US skater, for some months now & are excited to have received an update from this truly hectically busy man!

Doug says "I have an exhibit that is touring libraries nationally to promote my book. Its called "Beyond the Board - the Doug Brown Exhibit" I've enclosed some pics..."

We added a poster to Doug's collection recently, which he's been handing out on his tour - it features himself & our other fab stateside skater Tony Leard (who designed the poster for us).  If you should be visiting Doug on his event tour - see dates here - you can probably pick up a signed copy.

Doug has sent us some new pics "from my recent travels"  

skate park grand opening

Skate Straight programme

Doug recently featured in a magazine article - the piece in September's Variance magazine is a lovely affirmation of a geniunely nice man who's doing his best to put a bit back into the community - you can see it here or visit the website:

Doug has also been kind enough to add his support to the "See My Helmet?" rider safety campaign that we talked about in yesterday's post - he wears his helmet with pride :0)

Thanks for all the news Doug!
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