Monday, 16 January 2012

Ian Emery, RC Helicopter enthusiast

We're delighted to have made a new friend.  Local gent Ian Emery popped in last week, after seeing us in Model Helicopter World magazine & just happened to mention he was an RC Heli nut.  He sent us these amazing pictures today.

Ian says "I am 31 years old and an Air Traffic Controller by profession so have a natural interest in aviation.  I have been flying RC helicopters for 5 years although 2011 was the first year I entered into national competitions run by the Association for Helicopter Aerosports (AHA). 

For the 2011 Season I entered into the entry level league (Clubman's League), in which I finished 1st overall after competing in several events across the country. 

For the 2012 season I will be competing with my Trex 700 F3C electric helicopter and am busy preparing the helicopter and for the step up to the intermediate class (Sportsman's League) which is due to start in April".

We're delighted to be sponsoring Ian & would all like to wish him the very best of luck for the coming competitive season & look forward to updating you with his results as the year progresses. 

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