Thursday, 5 January 2012

"See My Helmet?" Ride safe campaign...

 We just wanted to help promote a very worthy cause - Longboard Girls Crew France have come up with a great idea to inspire all future riders to wear their helmets.  Riders are being asked to post pictures of themselves wearing their helmets & looking great, to the Crew's Facebook Page, to encourage all riders to keep safe & protect their noggins!

The girls say "It is also an opportunity to establish a small rogue's gallery of longskateuz French! So send us your photo portrait, too, with a small bio-fast on the photos and your little slogan for the helmet :o)
You can send multiple photos!" 

They'd like to encourage every crew to adopt this initiative and help to  keep as many riders as safe as possible.

What a brilliant & simple idea - well done ladies!  If you're part of a skate crew, why not do the same?  We'll certainly be trying to encourage all members of SMB's skate crew to support this safety scheme :0)
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