Tuesday, 12 May 2009

SHOCKING! How to replace your bike's bearings

Cycling to work, minding your own business...
and then some disastrous/frankly moronic road planning sends you tumbling.
Cyclists take heart, Britain's roads may seem out to get you but
if they do, never fear - we can help you replace damaged bike bearings quickly & easily.
All kinds of things can cause a bike's bearings to fail - to name but a few, see:
  • Shock load (a sudden increase in load on a bearing, causing it to deform) from falling down a road-grille for example...
  • Dirt - a bearing's nemesis.
  • Over-enthusiastic jet washing of your pride & joy at the weekend - you know who you are!
  • Poor fit - you hear that rattling noise? That's probably your bearings vibrating, before they collapse under the strain. As Mum said, just because it fits doesn't mean you should always wear it...

We can't fix road-planners or mud for you, but if you click on the title of this post it will take you to an article showing you how to replace your bearings in a jiffy!

Good luck & happy, safe cycling.

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