Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Schaeffer Mclean - sponsored skater update

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How cool is our little dude?!

If you didn't get the chance to meet him at the recent opening of the new Glastobury Skate Park & want to meet the mini miracle in person, Schaeffer will be at the NASS (National Action Sports Show) at the Bath and West Showground in July. He says "I am looking forward to skating the street course and ramps and as part of the Route One Riders Team".

Schaeffer's Mum has given us all a real boost, by telling us "He is always telling other kids about SMB bearings and they frequently ask to see his bearings in action. He usually kicks down on his wheels very hard and shows them how long they spin for. They even have competitions to see whose wheels spin the longest and his always win!! As you can imagine he is very proud of being sponsored by you."

A big thank you to you both, we're really pleased & proud to be your sponsors!


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