Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Team for Ride - a new direction...

Thanks to Fabien (new President of Team for Ride!)  for the following news:

"So, I've been on a part of the Eurotour this summer and finished by a nice muscle tear on the left calf (I get hitten by a guy at 70 kph on the Euro champ final). Following to that, a sick leave of four weeks and still doing a lot of physio (6 hours a week), but I'll be able to be back on a board in three weeks.

This injury put me away from the end of the french championship 2011 and away from the podium of this one. :-/

So, about the French championship results:

Thibaut finished 2nd in streetluge and 3rd in classic luge

Marie: female 1st and 19th on the open (male / female / juniors)

Me: 7th in streetluge and 8th in classic luge.

Philippe was still not able to ride but is talking about coming back next year. This year he had focused a lot on the development of a new competition system and help the different event organisation to implement it.

Quentin: not much news... it seems that he is stoping skateboard for a moment.

TFR future:

after a first meeting we all decided to disolve the team, 'cause, Quentin is not wanting to skate anymore, Thibaut is far away in Britanny, Philippe want to come back in the competition but is not really sure. In fact there is only Marie and me who are sure to continue the competition next year, and Marie more than ever!  ut at the same time some decision were decided in other organisation we are in, some big projects of french elite camp, skate club, event organisation...

and finally people asked us to keep the name TFR and keep me as president. (Faby el presidente!)

Next year with TFR:

Organisation of a french elite camp to create a kind of "french team". it will take place in the french Alps

Organisation of "Telethon, Noon to midnight", a charity event to raise found for the genetical diseases consisting of a 12 hours ride on a 2km loop on inline and skate.
Organisation of the beginner race on the Parilly slalom race (should be Euro cup)

Organisation of regular session to make people discover the skate / luge and organise training for the people who want to develop the sport and improve the level. The goal is to create a real club with regular longboard lessons".

Wow - thanks so much for all the news Fabien!  We'll look forward to helping Team for Ride move forward next year, in whatever ways we can.

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