Friday, 16 September 2011

SMB Skate Crew season update...

Aaron Skippings

Aaron tells us about his season:
"The season for me has been an awesome one , travelling countries and skating with friends is what its all about ,theres always that time in the year for us who cant skate because of the dreadful winter ,in that time saving money ,getting hyped up for the next year of skating just becomes natural as you know every bit of money you earn is another awesome day etc away shredding it up.

For me starting the first euro race in kozakov was brilliant as i had never had the chance to skate it before ,so many stories of how gnarly it was made me crave for it even more but there was always that butterfly waking up now and again in my stomach.

I can tell you now kozakov was one of the best tracks i have skated since almabtrieb,so fast and tech at the same time just completed it for me . shame about the weather but qualifying was in the rain which resulted in some fast people crashing out and not making the cut as there was only 1 qualifying run because of the time wasted in previous wet weather days.  I managed to qualify and was prepped for racing .OMG!  Racing was amazing, first heat was a proper tough one going up against some proper fast guys but i held them off and managed to get in there into 2nd place and get through to the second round.

2nd round was here ,all top professionals at the start line and then me ;), was a crazy race and have never been so fast in a heat but i didnt make the cut which wasnt a bad thing as i finished in the top 30!  Proper stoke right there! ,apart from the weather ,great event ,great people,great skating ,i will be back in 2012!

favourite videos/pics  - our bandito video ofcourse!

Euro Bandito from Oliver Slaughter on Vimeo.

Upcoming Events
ride the dragon in wales 17th-18th september:

Click here for more details
Thanks Aaron!  So great to hear all of your news & so many congratulations on a fine season.

Doug Brown

We've recently welcomed pro-skater Doug Brown to our crew... 

Doug does a great deal of motivational speaking & tours to promote the Skate Straight programme for youngsters, but still manages to fit some skating action inbetween!  Doug updated us this morning,  "Today I'm off on a skate adventure with a crew for fun and filming. I'm proud to announce my new sponsor is SMB Bearings out of England. This will be a great partnership as they are fully behind my efforts and they are good people. These bearings are great quality and the best I've ever had."  Thanks Doug!  We really appreciate your feedback on the bearings & are so pleased that you like them.

John Griffiths

No updates from John as yet, but he's heading off to Wales with Aaron to attend the Ride the Dragon event & has had a busy European IGSA season with some great results.
Schaeffer Mclean

The youngest member of the SMB Skate Crew, 7 year old Schaeffer has just return from a European skate trip & his new video is a corker!

"This video is part of a European skate adventure which was filmed across 6 countries. Sadly the Camera and footage was lost just before leaving the 4th country at Krakow Bus Station. This is the footage from a secondary camera of mainly the last 2 countries we visited. See if you can figure out which countries they were! Thank you to everyone who showed us skate spots - we discovered some amazing places. It has to be said that the Security Guard at the beginning kindly let us skate in the end. This is the story of Schaeffer's Skate Travels...."

Shannon Francis

The only stunt scooter rider on the team, Shannon's been busy honing her skills, hanging out with friends & putting together some great video edits of their escapades!

Team For Ride - the gravity sports gang!

Another succesful season for the French gravity sports team, getting good results consitently throughtout the IGSA competitions.  We look forward to a full season update from them soon.

Tony Leard

Lately i havent been doing as much skating due to an injury im dealing with from a recent fall.  But i should be on board soon. I'm mainly busy with graphic design lately, and busy filming trick tip videos for one of my sponsors. But everything lately is picking up good, and i designed a shirt for a company as well.

Check out Tony's blog for his latest news.

Thanks for all the exciting news people!  Wer'll keep you updated with all our skate crew's exciting adventures, as & when they happen :0)

Off to the Lake District for a week's kayaking now, so talk to you all again very soon
 (just as soon as I've dried out)!
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