Friday, 2 September 2011

SMB Skate Crew welcomes DOUG BROWN!

SMB Bearings are delighted to announce that we are the proud new sponsors of skate legend Doug Brown. Doug started skating in 1986, aged 12 years old, won his first competition one year later & since then has notched up a frankly dazzling array of accolades.

Here, Doug lists his most memorable skate moments:

  • Winning my first skateboarding competition in 1987
  • Skating the 2002 - 2004 Summer Gravity Games
  • Eastern Supply Open House Demo NC 2004
  • Progressive Skatepark Appearance Atlanta 2004
  • Doing MC at Fuel Channel's Get Hook-T Up Tour 04
  • Texas Fort Bliss Military Base Demos March 2005
  • Canada Newfoundland tour July 2006
  • Skate Straight Hometown visit Jan. 2008
  • TV appearance on Good Co. Today Show on NBC May 2010

Through his many sponsors Doug has a range of decks, wheels, books, videos & is also a motivational speaker. His Skate Straight programme tries to teach youngsters key life skills, dealing with a broad range of issues, from bullying, drugs, education & self belief.

Doug's bio:
Chances are you've seen Doug Brown on NBC's Good Co.Today show, at the Gravity Games, AST Dew Tour, or even on a stick of X-Air Deodorant, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Doug is a motivational speaker, published author of his autobiography Doug Brown: Beyond the Board, and founder of his highly acclaimed Skate Straight Program. From touring arenas with the band The Newsboys to visiting patients in hospitals with Athletes for Hope, Doug has proven to be more than just a skateboarder. Hidden behind his contagious smile and charisma is a wide range of talents and a strong sense of determination. Doug's love for the world of skateboarding began in 1986 after seeing Back to the Future for the first time. While the skateboarding trend has waxed and waned in popularity, Doug's commitment to the sport remained constant. Doug’s professional skating career began by chance at the 2002 Gravity Games, when he caught the eye of his first paying sponsors. He quickly realized his hobby became his living after a whirlwind of extensive traveling, industry events, demos, contests, and personal appearances. While he maintains a strong commitment to his skateboarding Brown has shifted his primary focus and energies towards his Skate Straight program entering schools, libraries, detention centers and being a keynote speaker for conferences. Doug Brown: Beyond the Board was published in 2010, and has added a new dimension to Doug's career. He writes of his life experiences and how it has been defined by a piece of wood and four spinning wheels. Brown wholeheartedly believes in positive change and the importance of hope and optimism. Notable causes and philanthropy include involvement with Athletes For Hope, American Red Cross, St.Baldrick's Foundation, SADD, and his own Skate Straight Program. Television appearances on NBC's Good Co.Today Show, Much Music Television, 54321, Fuel TV, ABC Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports, Planet X, Xcorps TV, and Sports Talk.

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