Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Aerocam Pro, another amazing customer!

We've been talking to Jean-Luc Fornier in France for a few years now, but we've only just discovered what he does with all the miniature bearings that we send to him & we are now truly awe-struck!!  

Jean-Luc is pictured centre, with friends on a recent trip to Africa
Jean-Luc produces arial remote control drones (see a demo here & here), the equipment allowing for extremely high quality, professional arial photography at a fraction of the costs involved in using a helicopter to get the same pictures.

Jean-Luc says:

"Our devices, which measures less than one meter wingspan, are capable of operating at very low altitude in very confined space.  It can therefore see the most inaccessible places with angles of shots unpublished. This is impossible with conventional means.  Our drone is equipped with a GPS sensor allowing the best possible position. The return video allows the framing of the shot from the ground station. This ensures that the shooting meets the expectations of the customer before returning to the ground".

He is currently involved in filming for various French TV channels,  see an example here ...

Jean-Luc sent us some amazing images of his recent trip to Africa, which truly demonstrate what an amazing machine he has produced:

You can find out more at Jean-Luc's website - as our French isn't quite up to it, we used Google Translate to get the lowdown!

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