Friday, 30 September 2011

John Griffiths, SMB sponsored skater update...

We've had a great update from John Griffiths this week:

"Its been non-stop this month! I don't like to waffle on so I'll keep it short and sweet!

Aaron Skippings pretty much covered our trip to europe... (see the video exploits here) it was rad, the hills where amazing and the party's where even better, coming home sucked I wish I was still there!

As for other events ride the dragon in Wales reclassified longboarding as a watersport, rivers on the track and standing water over two inches deep made the already technical track even more sketchy and racing was more a case of make it down alive than beat the competition. Luckily I managed to stay on my board enough to make it into the finals and third place!

What's more my bearings are still rolling fine even after being submerged underwater for two days in Wales...WIN!  Cheers for your help :) "

Thanks for your news John. We're delighted to hear that your bearings stood up to a bit of a battering :0)& many congratulations on the podium place at 'Ride the Dragon' in Wales. 
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