Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Harry Redstone's RC car racing preparation...

Our friend Harry Redstone is competing, with his RC car, in the SRCMCC's SRS race this Sunday, 3rd June, & he's very kindly shared a photo diary of some of his preparations with us.  If like me you thought you could just turn up & race your RC car, it seems we were very much mistaken!!

Before & after each race Harry disassembles his cars...

 He has to clean, maintain & relubricate all parts of his RC cars, to ensure maximum performance on race day...

We've supplied Harry with the bearings for his race cars & he says "The bearings I got are perfect for my uses - they hold up at the clutch bell where they literally spinning 40,000 rpm... bearings usually go after a single race day, but yours have lasted 3 race days so far - thats not bad going at all".

Thanks for the positive feedback Harry, it's much appreciated!!

"First car in bits ready for new shock oils, new diff oils and clean all bearings and oil them up!
Then to re do all that on my other car... wow I have a long week :0)"


  We hope all of Harry's hard work pays off on race day.

 We're really excited that we're going to go & see for ourselves, as he'll be competing just down the road from us in Swindon.  The splendid outdoor race track is located at Moredon Recreation ground, Swindon, SN2 2QJ - if you're not racing it's free entry & there'll certainly be plenty of action to see on the day.

All of us at SMB would like to wish Harry (& all his fellow competitors) the very best of luck!!

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