Thursday, 8 May 2014

Aaron Skippings, downhill skater update...

Our friend & SMB skate-crew member Aaron Skipping has already had a hectic start to his downhill skating season.  Aaron is competing using our ceramic hybrid skate bearings this year & it sounds like he's getting pretty impressive results with them.

Aaron says:
"I am in love with the ceramic bearings! Sooooooooooo fast!  I've been really busy lately with my skating! Just been in Belgium for the championships and did really well - I had 7 qualifying races to determine a position and I never finished below a 3rd place.   Unfortunately, because of time pressures they cut it down to 16 people bracket for the semi-finals so i didn't qualify!! Bit lame but hey, I had fun and the UK kicked ass in Belgium! 

I also just booked my flight to California for September!!! Exciting! I will be doing the Angies Curves in California and the famous Pikes Peak in Colorado! 2 of the gnarliest races on the IDF World Cup tour!  Too excited!!!"

Thanks for the update Aaron, it sounds like you were robbed in Belgium, but we're sure you'll make up for it during your US invasion later this year!  We can't wait to bring you more updates from Aaron as the downhill skating season progresses...

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