Thursday, 1 May 2014

Ian Emery, RC Helicopter Pilot update...

We've had a great update from our friend Ian Emery - he has been instrumental in organising the new Euro Heli Series, whilst still competing himself, working full time & looking after his lovely family ...

"Well it’s a little over a week until the first F3C Competition of the 2014 Season so I thought I had better give you an update.  As previously mentioned there have been many changes for this year.   A new schedule is in place for this year, although as this is my first year in F3C I knew I would have to learn a new schedule anyway. 

I have been busy organising the Euro Heli Series competition, which will be a total of 4 F3C events in total to be held in Belgium, France, Holland and the final one here in the UK in September.  I’ve been making the most of the good weather and getting out flying as often as I could.  Moving up to F3C just seems like such a big jump from the Sportsman’s class I have been flying in over the past few years.  

There have also been changes in the rules on helicopter setup.  For the first time in F3C competition, flybarless helicopters are allowed.  This brings even more choices. Is a 2 rotor blade or 3 rotor blade setup best? What flybarless controller to choose? Would I be better keeping a flybar and paddle setup?  I have tried most options but think I now have the best setup.  

For me, I think the 3 bladed rotor head offers the best all-round feel and I am lucky enough to be flying the Spartan RC Vortex flybarless system which is superb.  As for the bearings supplied by SMB, I stripped both helicopters during the Winter to check for wear and tear.  These bearings are now over 2 years old and not a single one needed replacing which is fantastic.  

The rubber sealed bearings on the main mast bearing blocks are really holding up well as they are designed to keep dust and grit from entering the bearing.  I would like to say a big thank you to SMB Bearings for their continued support.  I travel to Belgium for the first competition next week to compete against some of the best F3C pilots in Europe, it’s going to a big challenge but I’ve got to start somewhere.  I will keep you updated".

Thanks Ian!  We very much appreciate the positive feedback on our precision EZO bearings & we hope that they continue to bring you good fortune.  We'd all like to wish you every success with your forthcoming competitions & with the Euro Heli Series.

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