Friday, 11 May 2012

Introducing Harry Redstone, RC car racing nut...

SMB Bearings would like to introduce you to our young friend, Bristol-based Harry Redstone - a keen racer of RC model cars. Harry is a regular feature now at Swindon Radio Controlled Model Car Club - SRCMCC for short!

"My name is Harry Redstone & I am a rc car racer, newly started, but I've been into rc cars since I was 5 years old.  Now I'm taking it more seriously, after leaving the sport of motorcross.  I am only racing at club level at the moment but i will soon be doing the Swords (a national race competition) and other race meetings." 

Harry will be participating in the Pirate RC event in June - we're looking forward to updating you on that nearer the time.

Harry's new pride & joy - a Team Losi 4WD Buggy

Racing action at SRCMCC!
 We sent Harry some bearings for his car & he seems pretty chuffed with them "Cheers, the bearings are great - stripped my car down last night and fitted them & it took all the play out of the hubs :-) and I didn't even have to shim them".  We look forward to seeing how the bearings do longer team, as the world of nitro RC racing is a pretty hard one for your average bearing - as Harry says "Yeah, plus they're spinning at 40,000 rpm so they do take a bashing but then thats life for them :-)"

Everyone at SMB Bearings would like to take this opportunity to wish Harry the very best of luck for the 2012 race season & we'll update you on his progress really soon.


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