Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ian Emery, RC Heli Pilot - AHA Tring meet...

Our favourite RC heli pilot, Ian Emery, popped in today & dropped off this fantastic vid & meet report from his adventures last weekend...

AHA Round 1 - Tring

Ian says,
 "The long winter was finally over and it was time for the first AHA Competition of the year at Tring, Buckinghamshire. This year I was progressing from the Clubman’s (entry level league) to Sportsman’s (Intermediates) and having practised the new set of manoeuvres relentlessly over the past couple of months I felt optimistic about the year ahead. Little did I know that a decision had been made to cancel any competition with less than 4 people competing in that particular class.

After a nervous wait it emerged that I was the only competitor that turned up for the Sportsman’s class, so any scores obtained for the day wouldn’t count towards the final league standing. There were 5 competitors for the F3C class and it was decided that I should fly my schedule at the end of each of their 3 rounds and marked by the judges using it as a training day.

All 3 flights were completed with very positive yet constructive feedback from the judges. The only slight mishap was a heavy landing following an autorotation manoeuvre in round 2 leading to a broken undercarriage strut. Luckily I was able to borrow a spare strut to complete the 3rd round flight. Due to the poor turnout and the positive feedback, the judges and F3C pilots think that I should enter into the F3C competition for the remainder of the season. I now have 2 weeks to try and learn the F3C schedule before the next completion, fingers crossed".

Thanks for updating us Ian.  All we can say is WOW!  What a step up, no doubt richly deserved - no surprises Ian's a bit edgy to be heading into the F3C leagues though, as this is basically the qualifying stage for the British Team - it must be a bit like passing your driving test & then qualifying to race for Mclaren F1!

We're delighted to be able to support Ian with his heli bearings & even more delighted to hear from him that he's had many hours use from them so far - long may it continue :-)

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