Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Spreading the word on Southend Skate Art Exhibition...

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What's going on?  The organisers say:

"In Summary, we hope to create a day of celebration of skateboarding of all forms, in the local area, with a primary focus on Southend.

Skate culture, skate related art, skateboards, artists, music, video and more!

... Date: 22nd June 2013

Time: TBC 11:00 - 17:00

Place: The Alex - Southend

*(Some elements are subject to change and TBC)*

- Clothing stalls.

- Artists and artwork.

- Pop up Skate shops.

- Photography.

- Past a present skate videos.

- Fundraising.

- Local causes/issues/networking.

- Possible give-aways.

Including... Newton's Shred, Finch Photography, Brazil Arte, Alex and Gavin Martin's Media Archives.... more to follow.
Why are we doing this?

Together, 'Southend' and 'Skateboarding' have lived in the hearts of skateboarders, artists, photographers and film-makers, including hundreds of people, of all ages, spanning over several decades.

Over recent years skateboarding, in it's various forms, have seen a resurgence of interest, not only as an opportunity for artistic expression, but of good exercise, sustainable modes of transport and an opportunity to develop business and community, for those whom are perhaps excluded from other sports, physical or creative outlets.

The Southend Skate Art Exhibition hopes to show positive examples of Skateboarding in the area, both past and present, shining a light on local advocates, groups and art related around the skate and 'alternative' culture.

The Alex53 Alexandra Street, SS1 1BW Southend-on-Sea, UK"

Good luck everyone - hope it goes really well for you!

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