Friday, 28 June 2013

SMB's bearing relubrication facility...

Did you know that we can relubricate bearings for you, for many different uses? 

We offer a relubrication service, for either our own miniature bearings or customer supplied bearings.  You can even supply your own lubricant to us.  We have our own facility here at SMB bearings & can quickly solve a wide range of issues for you. 

Most manufacturers will only offer specialist lubrication in large volume orders, but we have no minimum order quantity for this service, so if you just need a small quantity for a bespoke application, or for testing, we can help.  If you have an emergency, we'll be flexible in supplying the bearings to you asap, you won't have to wait for a factory to produce 1000's of bearings... 

We have many years of experience in degreasing and re-lubricating stainless steel, chrome steel, and hybrid bearings with customer specified lubricants.

We regularly supply our bearings, or your own bearings, with:

dampening greases

dry lubricants

food safe greases

high temperature lubricants

low temperature lubricants

low torque lubricants

molybdenum disulphide coating

perfluorinated lubricants

radiation-resistant lubricants

vacuum lubricants

waterproof greases

Why not contact us with your requirements & our skilled technicians can advise you... 

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