Friday, 2 November 2012

Hans Meevis, Jeweller (& very funny blogger)...

Citrine ring designed & created by Hans Meevis

We always look forward to hearing from old customers/friends & we were delighted to hear from Hans Meevis again recently, who needed some bearings to repair a jewellery laboratory handpiece. 

Hans Meevis
Formerly based in St Maarten Hans & his lovely wife, Anne, have recently relocated to Germany - you can see more about their adventures (& Hans' amazing jewellery) at their blog & jewellery website.

We've previously supplied some bearings to Hans for a "spinning ring" jewellery project - you can see the bearing seated in the ring here, with a screw throught the centre...

A miniature bearing positioned in Hans' ring

And this is the beautiful, completed ring...

Whilst we hope that our bearings last for a very long time Hans,
we look forward to hearing from you again soon(-ish)!

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