Thursday, 8 November 2012

RSL Steeper's bionic hands go to the next level...

Many congratulations to our customer, RSL Steeper, designers of prosthetics, orthotics & assistive technology.  They've just launched this amazing space-aged prosthetic hand, with the aim of returning control to amputees:

RSL Steeper say:

"When we created bebionic, we wanted to produce a myoelectric prosthetic hand that could transform the lives of amputees worldwide, and help them to regain independence and control in their everyday lives.  "bebionic3", is the culmination of many years of development and is the most advanced commercially available bionic hand in the world today.

We worked closely with amputees at every stage of development and testing, taking their input and designing bebionic3 to work effectively in real life situations".

Nigel is pictured above, with the bebionic3 fitted - he suffered a crush injury, resulting in amputation, aroung 5 years ago.   Nigel commented, “I can hold the phone, shake hands and wash my left hand normally, which I haven’t been able to for five years! I’m back to being a two finger typist and can even do a very interesting hand signal which I call the 15th function, not particularly functional perhaps, but the psychological benefit is immense! Overall, the bebionic hand has had a great impact on my life, not only does it look more like a human hand but it also functions more like a human hand.”

Many congratulations to all at RSL Steeper, your innovations continue to amaze &, more importantly, to change lives for the better.

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