Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Kieran Flint, novice stunt scooter rider

Here at SMB Bearings, we're very lucky as we get to meet all sorts of people & make lots of friends along the way.  A few months ago we started chatting to Kieran Flint on FaceBook. 

He's a local lad who is just full of enthusiasm for all things scooter & we asked him to tell us a bit about himself & his passion:

Name: Kieran Flint
Age: 15
Hometown: Banbury

When did you start scooter riding? I started on December 27 2011 - everybody else was scootering and me and my mate used to ride fold up razors but yeah just seemed fun.

What's the skate/scooter scene like where you live? What got you into it? Where i live there is just me and my mate Aiden that scooter and there are no ramps but we are trying to get funding to encourage other riders to come to the village and mabye even people start riding in the village.

Favourite skate spot?
My favourite skatepark is Spiceball Banbury at the moment :)

How many scooters have you got? I have two scooters a razor ultra pro and a mgp nitro extreme she devil.

What's the scooter you'd most like to own?
I would love a fully custom she devil with black proto scs and black lucky smx forks with black on black proto grippers apex pegs black smb bearings apex bol bars and a phoniex flex fender black.

She Devil Scooter

What's your best trick? my best trick is 360 flat (sometimes) i am not great yet lol.

What advice would you give to young kids starting out? At first you will not be able to do much, dont give up stick at it and practice.

Can you see yourself doing this in 5 years time, maybe even as a pro? I would love to still scooter in five years time if i get good and still enjoy it :)

Favourite film? Inbetweeners movie or Snatch

Favourite song/band/video? my favourite song is anything dubstep (skrillex) & my favourite video is a day with terry price :)

Favourite game?my favourite game is call of duty mw3 or saints row 3

Favourite sport?scootering and rugby :)

Sporting heroes?sporting hero is terry price and r willy :)

Thanks for chatting with us Kieran, you're a star!

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