Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Skaiti - skaters raising money for Haiti

SMB were delighted to sponsor Keith O'Leary, who took part in Skaiti (a fantastic fundraising event for disaster relief in Haiti) on Saturday 10th April.  Skaiti was a 24 hour event in which 250 brave souls attempted to skate as far as possible in 24 hours, around Dunsfold Park in Surrey. 

Keith has survived to tell the tale & reported his progress to us today:

"Well, I managed 125 miles in total and had a fantastic time in the sunshine before taking a tumble at roughly 2am on Sunday. Stepping on a wheel in the darkness often results in a face plant.

My tent looked incredibly welcoming at that point, so I grabbed a little sleep before setting off again. The organisers, Jo, Jack, and Steve did an amazing job in putting on the event and looking after everyone. The Ceramic Bearings you supplied fared very well and I got some good feedback from other participants - especially regarding the cost price (Powell/Bones ceramics being a lot more expensive, and not commonly stocked).

I took a photo at the start of the event with my nice clean SMB T-shirt and hat. There's also one of me coming out of a speed tuck and looking far too camp for my liking (to save Keith's modesty, we promised not to show the "camp" picture!). There will be a few more emerging as people upload images to Facebook etc.

Thanks again for your support.  Keith "

What a phenomenal event!  The official website http://skaiti.webs.com/  will be worth checking out (it's not too late to make a donation) & should have more photos of the event coming up soon.  Our hearty congratulations to everyone who took part, volunteered, organised etc, as you've managed to raise an impressive £13000 so far.
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