Friday, 9 April 2010

Schaeffer Mclean, sponsored skater update...

Schaeffer's Mum, Eve, has sent us an update this week - 

"Schaeffer will be attending the opening of the Bridgewater Skate Plaza this Friday 9th. And the new skatepark in Bristol at Keynsham is holding an opening skate contest on 22nd May which he will be entering. In his recent video, much of that was filmed when he went on a little tour of skateparks in the north. He loved Manchester's skatepark (Central). He is very excited about the different skateparks which are popping up all over the place and has recently skated the new park in Cheddar, and hoping to go to the new one at Marlborough very soon."  Thanks for the update guys, it's always great to hear your news.

Good luck in the upcoming contest Schaeffer - we'll have everything crossed for you ;0).
  Happy skating this weekend!

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