Friday, 12 December 2008

SKATE Bearings

Have you ever tried to shop for skate bearings before? How many times have you been faced with a confusingly large range of skate bearings?We haven't given them fancy names to entice you and we won't offer you a dazzling range of different grades, lubricants etc.
We have used our extensive experience and knowledge of miniature bearings to produce three types of skate bearing to satisfy the most demanding skate and skateboard specifications. Our two most important design criteria were high performance and value for your money.
Please visit for more details & technical advice on what makes a great skate bearing. Abec rating? Lubrication? Seals? Cage/retainer? The answer is all of these. The problem is that some retailers will throw a lot of jargon at you to convince you that their bearings are superior. You have to decide what is relevant but, not being a bearing expert, how are you supposed to know? As experts, we will try to explain in plain simple language in the hope that you will go away with a better understanding of what to look for.
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