Tuesday, 7 June 2016

SMB Bearings' Aaron Skippings downhill skating in Granada...

Aaron (aka Nutty Professor) Skippings with technical manager Jeff Petrash in SMB's technical suite
 Check out this stunning video of our technical colleague Aaron Skipping downhill skating in Granada a short while ago - this run filmed by friend of SMB Joe Baldwin.  It shows why both are world-class skaters & why Joe has chosen to re-locate himself to such a beautiful part of the world to skate on a permanent basis.

Aaron says "A while back I flew out to Granada in Spain to visit my buddy Joe Baldwin, who also happens to be  a SMB bearings team rider. I’ve know this guy a while and skated with him across Europe and America. 
The fabulous Joe Baldwin - England's loss was Spain's gain :-)

Joe Baldwin & Aaron Skipping pictured together at Pike's Peak a couple of years ago.
Before I flew out I thought I would hit the Welsh hills but crashed pretty hard and that really ruined me for my Spanish trip. Even though I felt like I was frail and ready to retire as a pensioner we cracked on and Joe took me around all the hills Granada has to offer, including some pretty beautiful spots to chill out. Most of the trip was spent chilling but the skating we did get done was pretty damn awesome and the scenery is always breath-taking. This footage is from a chilled run we did earlier on at the start of the week".  

Aaron hard at work at SMB Bearings
Thanks Aaron, it sure is breathtaking scenery (& a sight more hilly than we can offer in Oxfordshire)! We hope to bring you more of Aaron's adventures soon & news of his IDF events as & when they take place.

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